Ask the O2 Gurus: O2 to tackle technology trolls

Everybody knows those annoying little nuisances of everyday mobile telephony and surfing: bad reception, slow download speeds or the many undiscovered functions as yet hidden in your new smartphone. O2 is all set to fight those “technology trolls,” helping customers get rid of them for good: The O2 Gurus, who have been part of O2’s service concept for some time now, are the company’s offer of support whenever expert knowledge is needed. They are intended not only to tackle technology trolls, but also to inspire customers and show them the vast opportunities of the digital world.
They are small, deceitful and annoying – technology trolls. Those little guys are the new key players in O2’s latest marketing campaign on and in the O2 shops. Today, the campaign will also launch on television. Various characters are introduced within the campaign, for example the feeble “No-Reception-Troll” or the impatient “Unknown-Features-Troll.” They all however share the same destiny: The O2 Gurus are out to get them!

The solution for your troll? Ask the O2 Guru.

The idea behind the campaign is simple, solution-oriented and yet motivating: Customers harassed by technology trolls consult an O2 Guru and receive the perfect advice. The Guru analyses the problem, diagnoses the type of troll-affliction and suggests the fitting solution – prompt, easy and close to the customer. In addition, the Guru provides smartphone or app tips, inspiring customers to make use of the many opportunities of the digital world – in accordance with the “can do”- spirit. In case of the “No-Reception-Troll”, for example, the solution is the new O2 Message+Call App, which enables users to make phone calls via Wi-Fi even in places where there is no reception. The “Unknown-Features-Trolls” can be banished by Gurus who explain the latest smartphone functions in simple, yet inspiring videos.

Service-initiative unparalleled on the German telecommunications market

The topics portrayed in the campaign are just a small section of the O2 Gurus’ full service repertory. They have constituted the O2 service concept for some time now and throughout all channels. Whether the questions concern smartphones, apps or service-oriented topics – the Gurus always find the right solution: Customers can receive information, advice and inspiration from O2 Gurus in approximately 400 O2 Shops throughout Germany, in online and video chats, via the hotline, or by watching explanatory videos and workshops, or online on

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