Worry-free smartphone usage at home and abroad: O2 to enhance its Blue portfolio from 1st October

Telefónica Deutschland optimizes its portfolio of O2 Blue tariffs. Starting 1st October, O2 postpaid customers will benefit in particular from attractive conditions for phone calls to other countries and from easier roaming. Customers who choose the entry-level tariffs O2 Blue Basic and O2 Blue Smart will in addition benefit from a flat-rate for calls to the O2 and E-Plus network including all partner brands. The additionally available high-speed data volume as part of the data automatic will also be increased, so that customers will now be able to surf the web longer at consistent speed.
In particular for usage and calls abroad, the O2 Blue portfolio will be even more appealing. Starting 1st October, new customers will profit from lower-priced packages that include more minutes and further options for calls to landline and mobile networks in the EU countries, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia and the North American continent. The new International Packs 60 and 120 will offer 60 or 120 minutes respectively for 4.99 or 9.99 Euros a month, and will charge 0.15 Euros per minute once these have been used up. The adjustable running times make these packs a good choice especially for customers who would like to stay in touch temporarily with friends and family abroad. Those who commit for longer are rewarded: If customers choose a running time of 24 months, the pack comes free of charge for the first and second month. If new customers choose the Call Option for 1.99 Euros for 24 months, calls to other countries will be charged at reasonable 0.15 Euros per minute.

Roaming Packs & Options: Worry-free phone calls around the globe

Starting 1st October, O2 customers will be able to choose from four bundles for carefree surfing and phone calls on vacation and while travelling. Each bundle consists of a voice and a data component. This makes it more comfortable for customers to simply choose the package that best suits their needs, instead of having to choose individual options. Please find below an overview of the new O2 Roaming Packs.

O2 Blue Smart to replace O2 Blue Select

The new O2 Blue Smart will replace the former entry-level tariff O2 Blue Select. Instead of a choice of flat-rate, the new tariff includes a flat-rate to the O2 and E-Plus network including all partner brands as well as 100 minutes for calls to German landlines or any other German mobile phone network. Besides all the other components of the previous tariff, O2 Blue Smart will also keep the included 500 MB data volume for high-speed surfing within the fast O2 LTE network – and all that for 19.99 Euros per month. This way the tariff is the ideal gateway to the world of data usage. Just as customers of the O2 Blue Smart, those who choose the O2 Blue Basic for 9.99 Euros a month will enjoy unlimited calls within the O2 und E-Plus network including all partner brands starting 1st October.

More additional high-speed volume for the data automatic

Furthermore the additional high-speed data volume available as part of the data automatic will be increased for tariffs M and upwards, allowing users to surf longer at consistent speed: The O2 Blue All-in M and L will offer three packs of additional 250 MB for 3 Euros each, the O2 Blue All-in XL and Premium will provide three data upgrades of 750 MB for the price of 5 Euros each. Users of the tariffs O2 Blue Basic, O2 Blue Smart and O2 Blue All-in S will be able to receive an extra 100 MB three times for 2 Euros each. Once the extra data volume has been used up three times in a row, the maximum surf speed will be 32 Kbit/s until the end of the ongoing billing period. An automatic data upgrade once the three additional data packages have been used up no longer applies.

Data and Included Minutes: Young people and SoHos save additional money

The extended Blue portfolio again offers special advantages for the customer groups of young people, self-employed and business customers: Compared to the regular private customer tariffs, they will receive double data volume for mobile surfing in Germany in all O2 Blue tariffs. All self-employed and business customers can also profit from the attractive options for calls to other countries: For them, the O2 Blue Professional tariffs All-in S, M, L and XL include 60 minutes for phone calls to mobile or landline numbers in the EU countries, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia and the North American continent. The O2 Blue All-in Premium even includes 200 minutes free of charge for calls to participating countries. Additionally all SoHo customers can book the International Pack 120 at a reduced monthly price of 4.99 Euros. The International Pack 60 is already included free of charge within the O2 Blue All-in tariffs S, M, L and XL.

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