Exhibition for IT security: Telefónica solutions at it-sa

On October 6th, Germany’s most important exhibition for IT security will open its gates in Nuremberg – and Telefónica will be part of the show. At it-sa, booth 0-641 in hall 12, the experts of information security will present the latest Telefónica solutions for securing IT systems: for example for continuous penetration testing or the detection of dangerous smartphone apps. Those are among the most progressive solutions on the market.
The new applications provide Chief Information Security Officers of businesses with the necessary tools to detect possible threats for their companies. This allows them to adjust their security measures today to meet attacks in the future and avert them immediately. Those applications are developed by a young subsidiary: Eleven Paths is Telefónica’s new center for IT security and works as an independent start-up within the company. This allows its employees to make use of the best of two worlds: the power of a large corporation, as well as the dynamic of a small avant-garde company that uses radically new paths of product development.

Managed Security: FAAST, TACYT and Threat Detection Service

In modern companies, it is often networks, mobile devices, applications and data that are the main target for attacks or loopholes for security risks. As a result, comprehensive protection includes not only an optimal security organization, but also best-practice solutions like web security, continuous pen-testing as part of comprehensive vulnerability scans and mobile security as a fundamental component of an integrated concept. For this reason, at it-sa the Telefónica experts will exhibit four new solutions, which will be presented for the first time in Germany: The Threat Detection Service continuously monitors the dark sides of the internet in order to ensure protection against various attacks. This service can, for instance, detect identity theft or violation of trademark laws, as well as offer protection against spying through phishing and pharming. Telefónica’s pen-testing solution FAAST automatically and continuously scans each infrastructure for any weak spots that might be reached from the internet, using similar strategies to those used by hackers and hostile attackers. They are part of the comprehensive Vulnerability Management Service that detects threats early on and can therefore start a defense immediately. This way, companies need not wait for their next regular security check for comprehensive protection.
At the same time, TACYT protects employees from contracting mobile threats on their smartphones. The intelligent service continuously downloads new apps from various stores and analyzes them. TACYT verifies metadata, permissions, files or procedures of apps and will quickly detect any malware or software violating security regulations. In that case, their installation on the smartphone will be blocked before it can damage the company. The fourth solution offers everything from one source: the Managed Security Service provides everything companies need for all cases concerning digital security. A team of security experts continuously monitors all networks and devices used within the company. The Telefónica specialists regularly compile an analysis and initiate necessary measures in case of an emergency attack or security threat. For more information visit the Telefónica booth at it-sa in Nuremberg.

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