Telefónica Smart Meter Connect: Reading electricity meters via powerline mesh

Telefónica Deutschland has expanded its innovative M2M solution for utility companies. Telefónica Smart Meter Connect can now transmit the encrypted consumption data from connected meters directly via the power supply system. The latest version of the hybrid WAN solution for maximum availability and accessibility of smart meter gateways will be presented from today at the trade congress E-World Energy & Water in Essen.
Telefónica Deutschland continues to improve its network as well as its product and service experience. This is also true for the sector of business customers. The leading digital telco ensures that German companies can make increasingly better use of the several opportunities created by digitalization. For instance, utility companies can use Telefónica Smart Meter Connect to read their intelligent meters for gas, electricity, water or heating from remote – even in places the network cannot reach. This intelligent technology is particularly important in Germany, where most meters are located in the basements.

CommsHub: Connecting intelligent meters via the power supply system

CommsHub for Telefónica Smart Meter Connect
Extensive surveys have shown that a mere 75 percent of electricity and gas meters in the Federal Republic of Germany can be reached with even one of the existing mobile networks. Telefónica Deutschland has, however, found an elegant solution for this problem: The company’s M2M experts now present the new CommsHub in Essen, where it can be experienced live and in action at stand GA-24 of the ground’s galleria. The small box can easily be plugged in to existing intelligent metering systems and connect them with the operating company via the internet of things. To this end, the CommsHub creates a direct connection to the mobile network or, if this is not possible, automatically connects to the so-called mesh network. The appliances then build small self-configuring data networks via broadband power line, in which the consumption data is forwarded via the power supply system. As soon as a CommsHub finds a sufficiently strong mobile network, it transmits the data of all participants of its ad-hoc network to the utility company. This way, a customer’s consumption can be read several times a day.

Smart M2M: Integrating new technology into existing infrastructure

Maintenance of the entire infrastructure which the CommsHub is integrated into is managed conveniently via an internet browser. On the website of their mesh admin system (MAS) utility companies can display all the appliances with details to their individual features or overview the entire structure of their mesh networks. To this end, the connecting routes between the integrated CommsHubs and their quality parameters, such as signal strengths, as well as the status or alarms of the connected appliances, are visualized in a lucid manner. The MAS is connected to Telefónica’s smart M2M platform, which is able to create a connection to existing software applications via easily configurable interfaces. This way, the new technology can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures, as the Telefónica experts will be happy to present to trade visitors of the E-World Energy & Water in Essen.

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