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Telefónica Germany provides companies that have intensive contact with customers by telephone with a powerful call center solution.
Telefónica Germany is making a new platform available that companies can use to develop, manage and market their own mobile apps.
Telefónica Germany has a new combo offer for the self-employed, freelancers and small companies if they cleverly combine fixed-line and mobile telephony.
Following the launch of Alice Home & Go, the Internet flat rate for the home and on the move, in January, Telefónica Germany presented a new offer at the Mobile World Congress 2012 that cleverly combines fixed-line and mobile telephony.
Telefónica Germany presents its extension plan for LTE at the Mobile World Congress. Beginning 2 July 2012, O2 will start with tariff offers for tablets, surf sticks, netbooks and smartphones.
Telefónica Germany presented the "Wikipedia O2 App" at the Mobile World Congress.
As of 1 March O2 customers can take advantage of Touch&Travel using a smartphone app.
Protection against misuse of personal data | Reimbursement in the event of damage due to online fraud Replacement of hardware in the event of damage or theft
Starting immediately, Telefónica Germany is now also offering a special smartphone tariff for prepaid.
O2 now provides its complete german customer service on Facebook, too. All the functions available when calling the Service Center can now be used on Facebook.
Alice Home & Go: broadband tariff to go from 24.99 euros | Alice S: broadband flat rate for 14.99 euros | All tariffs also without a fixed contract
O2 Blue XS: newcomer Smartphone tariff of 9.99 euros | O2 Blue M: all-networks flat rate incl. browse flat rate of 39.99 euros | Start promotion: 30 days a year browsing abroad in the EU included
Advent calendar in the "Alice Videothek": one free film each day | and: customers ordering the IPTV service Alice TV for the first time will be able to test it for free for a whole month
O2 is set to put smiles on the faces of smartphone and tablet fans during the holiday season.
5 members of a family can call one another for just ten euros a month | Complete control of costs thanks to billing via the parents | Additional, free SIM cards for use by the children
O2 launches a unique entertainment format for its customers with the Music Session.
As of November 15, 2011 the first Nokia Windows phone will be available at O2. Customers can purchase the Nokia Lumia 800 via O2 My Handy.
Telefónica Germany is expanding its LTE product range. Swift on the heels of offers for private customers and the self-employed, there is now an LTE rate for companies.
Telefónica Germany, Telekom and Vodafone are launching a new offer for their shared mobile payment service mpass.
SIM card pre-installed in portable devices | Special prepaid-tariffs to choose from | One month surfing for free
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