O2 o:The first tariff with cost airbag

-Flexibility: no basic fee, no fixed contract term
-Transparency: 15 Cents for calls and SMS messages to all German networks
-Cost guarantee: O2 cost airbag
MUNICH. Telefónica O2 Germany will revolutionize the mobile telecommunications market with O2 o. From 5 May 2009, O2 will focus on a radically simplified tariff portfolio. The new offer is suited for everybody: low-volume callers, average and power callers. In addition, the O2 cost airbag which is unique on the market protects consumers against high invoices.
"We are setting the standard in mobile communications with O2 o and focus on marketing the new offer", explains Lutz Schüler, Managing Director Marketing & Sales, Telefónica O2 Germany. O2 o ensures flexibility, transparency and security. Customers do not have to enter into any obligation and O2 o does not require them to conclude a contract with a minimum term, a monthly basic fee or minimum sales volume. The tariff is easily comprehensible: The standard costs for every call minute and every SMS message is 15 Cents to all German fixed and mobile networks. The O2 cost airbag is unique on the market. Costs for calls and SMS messages are stopped at 60 Euros a month. O2 thus offers a novel protection mode against high invoices. From 60 Euros, customers make unlimited calls and SMS messages and profit from the benefits of the allnet flat rate. O2 o is available as a postpaid and prepaid version. "With O2 o, our customers are able to make calls in an unrivalled simple and carefree manner, perfectly in line with the motto of our campaign 'Don't think about calling when you do' ('Damit Sie beim Telefonieren nicht mehr ans Telefonieren denken')", says Lutz Schüler. Loyalty is rewarded Loyal O2 o customers will automatically be rewarded by a loyalty bonus. From the seventh month, all O2 o customers automatically collect a 5 percent discount on the monthly invoice; prepaid customers will be granted the discount on the monthly sales volume. The discount is collected for six months and then credited as a loyalty bonus. Afterwards, customers start to collect from scratch. Desired mobile phone independent of the contract With the launch of O2 o, the company introduces a new concept for financing mobile phones independent of the mobile telecommunications contract. Customers select their desired mobile phone, make a down payment and comfortably settle the unpaid balance in 24 monthly instalments at an interest rate of zero percent. Customers with an O2 mobile contract and customers without an O2 mobile contract benefit from the mobile phone selection provided by O2. The new mobile telecommunications offer from O2 is complemented by the Mobile Flat Rate which includes the Homezone and Inclusive Pack. All detailed information about the new tariff concept and, in particular, about O2 o and O2 My Handy is available at www.o2online.de.
Telefónica O2 Germany GmbH & Co. OHG belongs to Telefónica Europe and is part of the Spanish telecommunication group Telefónica S.A. The Company offers its German private and business customers postpaid and prepaid mobile telecom products as well as innovative mobile data services based on the GPRS and UMTS technologies. In addition, the integrated communications provider also offers DSL fixed network telephony and high-speed internet. Telefónica Europe has more than 46 million mobile and fixed network customers in Great Britain, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.