O2:Data Rates Now Available as Flat Rate

For Business Customers

-Better cost control for mobile Internet and data usage
-No surcharge when limit is exceeded (200 and 500 MB)
-Data Pack Volume 500 for 12 euros plus tax per month
MUNICH. Telefónica O2 Germany now offers its business customers even better cost control for mobile data transfer. New data rate plans are available with a maximum monthly transfer volume of 200 and 500 MB, respectively, at a flat rate. The monthly rates are 8.50 and 12 euros plus tax, respectively. There is no surcharge when the monthly volume limit is exceeded, since the maximum transfer rate is limited to GPRS speed for the additional data traffic.
An increasingly mobile workforce needs to retrieve data from the corporate network, the Internet or their electronic mailbox also while being away from the office. This makes companies and self-employed workers want comprehensive cost control in order to avoid an unpleasant surprise when getting their bill at the end of the month. To meet this demand, O2 has reviewed its "Data-Pack-Volume-200 and -500" plans for data transmission within Germany and has provided it with a speed reduction of the speed limit is exceeded. They complement the existing offers Data-Flat and Data-Pack International Volume-100. While the Data Pack Volume 500 has a minimum duration of 24 months due the price reduction from 15 to 12 euros per month, the minimum duration is 3 month with the other offers. This offer is designed to provide a suitable rate for any usage preference: For infrequent usage, e.g. with the O2 XDA, the Data Pack Volume 200 is the right choice. Users who regularly access email, the Internet or the corporate network e.g. with the Palm Pre, are better off with the Data Pack Volume 500. For extensive mobile usage with a surf stick or netbook, the Data-Flat for a monthly charge of 21 euros plus tax should be used. Here, the speed is reduced to the GPRS rate after a volume of 10 GB has been reached. The Data Pack International Volume 100 for 50 euros plus tax is available for customers who often travel to other countries. With this offer, if the limit is exceeded, the further usage is charged by volume.

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