O2 implements new service concept for people with hearing impairments

MUNICH. Telefónica O2 Germany is starting a new service concept on May 12: people with hearing impairments will receive advice tailored to their specific needs as well as discount offers. O2 is providing this special offer via an online shop, which has been set up specifically for this purpose, as well as the normal O2 shops. With that, O2 continues its commitment to people with disabilities. Only a few weeks ago, O2 hosted a dialogue and presented the pilot project VerbaVoice together with association 'Social Affairs'. VerbaVoice enables spoken language to be translated into text.
The new offer is a result of conversations O2 has led since the beginning of 2009. "O2 has looked into the needs of people with hearing impairments and created an attractive package", says Rudolf Sailer, President of Deutscher Gehörlosen Bund e.V. (DGB - German Deaf Association). The new online shop for people with hearing impairments (www.o2.de/hoergeschaedigte), which can also be accessed directly via the website of the DGB, presents offers in a manner geared towards the specific target group and also provides visitors with advice on the various products. In addition to contract and identification details, explanatory videos are available in sign language as well as a chat hotline. During the development of this website, O2 worked with the Pfennigparade Foundation to ensure access to the site was kept as simple as possible. In addition to this, O2 has provided its shop employees with documents that will help them to better assist people with hearing impairments. Furthermore, in a pilot project, a sign language interpreter will be present every Thursday afternoon in the flagship store in Munich. "We want to provide all of our customers with a service that matches their needs. The basis for our offer is O2 o, a tariff without basic charge. If you don't make any calls, you don't pay either," says André Krause, Managing Director Finance at Telefónica O2 Germany. O2 provides people with hearing impairments a 15% discount on the monthly invoice: The cost airbag limits cost of domestic calls and SMS to 42.50 euros instead of 50 euros per month. [Please note: To see our latest offers for people with hearing impairments please visit www.o2.de/hoergeschaedigte (in German)] As O2 is one of only a few of integrated communication providers to allow chatting and the use of voice over IP, the optional mobile surf flat rate for 8.50 euros instead of 10 euros should be of particular interest to people with hearing impairments. Further information about the new tariff can be found on www.telefonica.de/presse.
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