O2 Freikarte:Now with telephone and Internet flat rates as bonuses

MUNICH/Germany. The O2 Freikarte is back. Telefónica O2 Germany has brought it back and with a new model: now telephone and Internet flat rates are also available as bonuses for topped-up credits. More credits mean a more attractive bonus. And "Global Friends" can also be used for the Freikarte. This way, customers save when calling abroad.
The new variation of the Freikarte depends on the amount of credits loaded. With a top-up of 15 euros, the customer can make unlimited calls within the O2 network. From 20 euros' worth of new credit, there is also a flat rate for the German fixed network. And starting from 30 euros, a flat rate for mobile surfing is added to that. As a result, the credit stays topped up to the full amount, and the flat rates remain available to the customer for one month. The alternatives with free SMS or with free minutes and free SMS that have been on offer up to now are also still available. In addition, customers of the Freikarte can also activate "Global Friends" for a single premium of 5 euros and call more than 60 countries for the low price of only 15 cents a minute - whether it's Turkey or South Africa - using either the foreign fixed or mobile network. Customers can specify up to five numbers abroad, two of which can be mobile phone numbers. The first change from one of the Freikarte to another can be made at any time; after that, after every six months. This way, there is no cost. And credits and bonuses stay the same. For customers it's as easy as ever: just order the O2 Freikarte of your choosing free of charge at www.o2-freikarte.de, insert the SIM card, top it up and start making phone calls, sending SMS or surfing the web.
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