netzclub on course for success:big brands and a new look

MUNICH, BERLIN. The launch of netzclub, Germany's first mobile plan financed by advertising, by Telefónica O2 Germany and YOC has got off to a flying start. In the meantime famous brands such as Wilkinson advertise. Among others, netzclub has also gained Microsoft as brand partner. The company will now offer the customers the free netzclub internet flat rate for mobile surfing in a co-branded version called "Windows Life Tariff".
The brand-new look of the "netzclub - Sponsored Mobile" plan at was unveiled on 19 October. O2 had collected suggestions and requests from its first customers to enhance both product and portal and has expanded its sales partnerships accordingly. "There is currently no other offer in Germany that gives customers the same sort of value as a free prepaid Internet flat rate," says Michael Kurz, who, as Head of Corporate Wholesale, developed and manages netzclub together with Berlin-based partner YOC AG. Alex Sutter, Chief Sales Officer of YOC AG, adds: "Our customers are very happy with netzclub. There has been a great rush since the plan was launched back in May. By the end of the year we expect a six-figure number of registered users." With netzclub, customers receive offers from favoured brands directly on their mobile. They can, for example, request a discount voucher by SMS, which they simply redeem in online stores or local shops. In return, they can make calls and surf with 100 free minutes or a free mobile Internet flat rate for the O2 network - an attractive offer for smartphone users and frequent callers who prefer not to get tied to a contract. And by registering an existing mobile number in netzclub through Customer Service, it is now possible to switch between plans. The plan is an O2 and YOC AG offer. For more details:
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