Just in time for the summer holidays:

New 'O2 Reiseoption' for making phone calls and surfing when abroad

-New travel option from O2 for making phone calls and surfing
-30 cents per minute for phone calls, 1.50 Euro for one megabyte
-More price reductions coming in July
MUNICH/Germany. Telefónica Germany is providing its O2 contractual customers with new tariff options for making phone calls and mobile surfing while travelling in Europe. The new options go into effect starting 6 June. With the new travel option from O2, customers pay 30 cents per minute for outgoing calls. A one-time connection fee of just 75 cents for the first 60 minutes is charged for incoming calls. Each minute after that costs 20 cents. Mobile surfers are charged 1.50 Euro for one megabyte. Sending an SMS costs 13 cents.
If you don't want to do without your Internet connection while on holiday, then surfing will cost you 15 cents per 100 kilobytes in future. The EU cost limit of 59.50 Euro per month will still apply. The travel option is valid for all new and existing customers. Customers who already use the 'Standardabrechnung Weltzonen' or the 'Mobiles Internet Ausland' option will benefit automatically from the new option, and they can switch back to their previous package at any time free of charge. More changes are coming in July Starting 1 July, the new data rates for the 'O2 Reiseoption' will apply to prepaid customers as well. At the same time, the data rates in World zone 4 will be lowered, which means customers will be able to surf for as little as 12 cents per 10 KB. The 'Internet Day Pack EU' will be reduced to 10 Euro per day for 100 MB instead of 15 Euro for 50 MB. The price for the popular 'My Europe Top' option for frequent callers will also be lowered. In future, it will be available for 5 Euro a month instead of 8 Euro. In addition, My Europe Top users will only pay 30 cents per minute for an outgoing call instead of the previous 39 cents. The free calling time for incoming calls will be increased to 200 minutes. All other conditions will remain unchanged.
Travel option from O2
Countries included in the travel option: EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and NorwayOutgoing calls: 0.30 €/min plus a one-time connection fee per call of 0.75 € Incoming calls: 0.00 €/min up to 60 minutes, starting with the 61st minute 0.20 €/min plus a one-time connection fee per call of 0.75 € SMS: 13 cents
Zone 2: Andorra, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Croatia, SwitzerlandOutgoing calls: 0.54 €/min Incoming calls: 0.26 €/min SMS: 39 cents
Zone 3: The rest of Europe, USA, Canada and TurkeyOutgoing calls: 1.59 €/min Incoming calls: 0.69€/min SMS: 49 cents
Zone 4: The rest of the worldOutgoing calls: 2.99 €/min Incoming calls: 1.59 €/min SMS: 59 cents
Billing time increment60/60
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