All systems are ready for mobile high-speed surfing:O2 presents LTE 4G

Munich. July 3 is the day: Telefónica Germany kicks off its new generation of mobile Internet with LTE mobile. Suitable LTE-capable smartphones, surf sticks or tablets are available on top. O2 LTE 4G will initially be available in the high-speed areas Nuremberg and Dresden, closely followed by Munich and Leipzig.
"LTE is setting a new course in the mobile world", says René Schuster, CEO of Telefónica Germany. "We are one of three telecommunications companies that can offer true mobile broadband services to their customers in Germany. As well as having the required frequencies, we have the proper transport network for the 4G services. We are providing the new LTE offerings exclusively via the O2 brand."
Tariffs at a glance
LTE will in future be included in the O2 Go Surf Flats. Data tariffs with LTE-speed for laptops or tablets will be available from 14.99 euro per month. The current O2 Blue M and L tariffs for smartphone customers can be upgraded to the new mobile communication standard via a Surf Upgrade. For less than 50 euros per month, customers can get an all-net-flat with LTE. The tariffs are available with or without a contract term.
"With O2 LTE 4G, customers can surf at speeds of up to 50 megabits per second", says Peter Rampling, Managing Director of Marketing. "Customers will also recognize the advantages of LTE in the extremely short response times, which become noticeable during fast website development or when streaming music and videos, for example." When starting with O2 LTE 4G mobile, the LTE-capable smartphones HTC ONE XL and LG True HD LTE as well as the O2 4G LTE surf stick from ZTE will be available. Progression in the realm of tablets for O2 is with the Asus Transformer 300.

O2 LTE 4G photos @ Flickr

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