O2 Protect:more security for your smartphone

MUNICH. Starting 17 September, Telefónica Germany will be making the world of mobile surfing even more simple and carefree for its customers. O2 Protect, a security app for smartphones and tablets, protects the device against viruses and also helps in the event of loss or theft. The app is available as a download from Google Play. All O2 mobile customers can get the virus protection for free during the first 24 months.
Two packages are available to choose from: the service O2 Protect Basic protects smartphones against viruses and other malicious code. The extended service O2 Protect Premium helps in the event of loss or theft. Thanks to different options like the online phone location map and the remote triggering of a loud signal, the mobile device is easier to find. What's more, the customer can block access to the smartphone and also delete the data on it. A previously created backup copy stores contact data and calendar entries to ensure these are not lost.
"The smartphone is increasingly becoming a remote control for all areas of our lives. We use them like computers to do so many things including email, shopping and social networking, and so security is becoming more and more of an issue," says Peter Rampling, Managing Director Marketing of Telefónica Germany. "Most of us wouldn't consider doing these things on our computer without some form of virus protect, so why would we not protect ourselves on the mobile? With the O2 Protect application, we are offering the perfect solution to protect against unknown risks." During the introductory phase, O2 contract and prepaid customers can book 24 months of free virus protection up until 31 January 2013. Following this period the O2 Protect Basic option will be available for 99 cents a month and the Premium version for 1.99 euros a month.
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