New "Data Pack World" from O2:Full control for data roaming outside Europe

-Use e-mails and Internet in far-off lands without a care
-New roaming package with six megabytes of data volume
-Six times more volume for the same price
MUNICH. For all holidaymakers who want to use mobile Internet outside Europe too, the new Data Pack World from O2 offers a convenient solution. With this, customers have full control of costs and can top up their data volume as needed. The new offer starts on 2 April.
Many travellers still avoid using mobile data outside the EU because they fear high costs. That's no longer necessary with the "Data Pack World". From April, O2 customers will be able to read their e-mails or surf the Internet in Turkey, the USA, Canada and popular holiday destinations such as Thailand and Egypt without a care and with full control of the costs. On arrival in these countries they will automatically receive a text message, which they simply have to answer to subscribe to the new roaming package. For EUR 11.99 they then get six megabytes, which can be used for 24 hours. That is six times more than the current pay-as-you-go allows for the same price. When the data volume is used up, another text message comes to order the next package. This incremental subscription gives frequent users the opportunity to continue surfing easily, after reaching the statutory cost limit at just under EUR 60 - and to always keep an eye on their spending.
"With the Data Pack World, our customers have full cost control also outside of the European Union," says Markus Haas, Managing Director Corporate Affairs & Strategy at Telefónica in Germany. "As well as transparency, the usable data volume abroad also increases: there is now six times more for the same price." The new roaming package is the modern alternative to the current pay-as-you-go billing. However, if customers prefer the old method with 10-kilobyte increments, without a cap on spending, they can switch to it free of charge at any time.
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