Free O2 Travel App for the EU countries:Carefree navigation across Europe

Surfing easily and retrieving a bunch on information about the holiday destination with the smartphone – this is what O2 customers can experience now with the free O2 Travel App. With this app, they can activate the new Travel Day Pack within Europe with 50MB a day for 1.99 euros and monitor their data usage via a meter. Due to the included information packages of the travel expert TripAdvisor on 450 cities with restaurant recommendations and sights customers are also well informed. Those who download the package before departure can navigate offline through the maps and optimize their data usage.
This comprehensive carefree package consisting of cost control and extensive holiday information is so far unique. No matter if holiday-makers are looking for a popular café or the route to the city palace – with their smartphone they always have a digital travel guide at hand and are up to date concerning their current data consumption. Besides German market, O2 Travel will also be introduced in Spain and the United Kingdom. The app can be downloaded in the Apple App Store as well as in Google Play Store and it consists of four modules.

Just a click away: Activate Travel Day Pack

In My O2, customers can activate the new tariff option Travel Day Pack. If they have already registered before for the previous option “Smartphone Day Pack EU”, they will automatically be switched to the new pack and will benefit from its conditions. This contains double data volume as it offers now 50MB instead of the previous 25MB for 1.99 Euros per day. Customers should activate the tariff option in the app in due time before their departure so that they can surf easily and without worries at their holiday destination right from the very beginning. As soon as users activate data roaming within EU countries, the Travel Day Pack is running. When the 50 MB are finished, customers receive a text message asking whether they want to book another pack for the day. Only when customers reply to this message with “Day” the meter starts counting again.   In My data usage, customers always have an overview of their consumed data from the current data pack. Regardless at what time they booked the pack, it will terminate at midnight and the meter will be set back to zero. With the next data usage, a new pack is activated and the data meter is running again.

Use in offline mode: Travel Tips

At Travel packs, customers can download an information package from our cooperation partner TripAdvisor, one of the world's biggest travel sites. This should best be done at home, as this allows customers to click through maps as well as recommendations for hotels, restaurants and sights in an offline mode and to optimize their data usage on vacation. Only if additional details such as opening times or admission fees are needed, the smartphone connects to the Internet and data roaming continues again. Those who downloaded information about their holiday destination at Travel packs can look for recommendations for restaurants and sights in the immediate surroundings via the section Near me.