“Two are better than one”: Telefónica launches campaign for national roaming

The campaign focuses on the enhanced network quality prior to the consolidation of the O2 and E-Plus networks. Existing customers will be informed about national roaming via intensive direct communication. All relevant information can be accessed at www.o2.de. With the consolidation of the UMTS networks, the company is significantly expanding the network coverage in rural areas and encompasses the densest UMTS network infrastructure in urban areas. Customers benefit from an improved user experience, in particular for mobile data usage.
Thanks to the consolidation of the O2 and E-Plus networks, Telefónica customers can enjoy an even better network coverage. They automatically switch to the other UMTS network when they can use only a 2G coverage in their home network. This way, they can enjoy a significantly better user experience of the mobile web. The main focus of the national roaming campaign is on the message “Two are better than one,” which is symbolized by expressive double-images.

True for the Telefónica network from now on: Two are better than one

Credits: Telefónica Deutschland
The images of the campaign show how in every-day situations two are better than one: When painting, two paint rollers achieve better coverage – as do two networks when surfing the web. The same is true for the espresso shot in your latte: Two are stronger than one. Starting from 14th April, the messages will be spread not only in television commercials, in cinemas and online, but also in special formats to suit the theme: For instance, commercials have been booked during two-part episodes running back to back. After all: Two episodes are better than one. The television commercial conveys a double message: If viewers activate the song-recognition app Shazam and the song in the commercial is recognized, the app automatically leads them to the website of the O2 cinema day. O2 customers receive two cinema tickets for the price of one. It is true also for the movies: Two are better than one.