Samsung Gear S2 3G:First smartwatch with eSIM available from O2

Telefónica Deutschland is launching the first smartwatch with an eSIM: Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 classic 3G will be presented at Mobile World Congress and will be available in selected O2 stores from April. It includes a separate mobile communication unit and a built-in chip (“embedded SIM”), which a customer’s SIM profile needs only to be installed onto. A physical SIM card is not necessary anymore.
Photo: Samsung
Thanks to this new technology, developed by the worldwide association for mobile communication GSMA together with Telefónica and other global network operators and manufacturers, it is now possible to produce significantly smaller end devices, which also require less energy. Special hardware for reading SIM cards is no longer necessary, which opens up numerous new possibilities: The new eSIM simplifies customer processes and accelerates the activation of new end devices.

No card required: Install new SIM profile easily via QR code

Photo: Samsung
“It is expected that in only four years’ time, there will be more than 35 billion connected devices on the planet, a large part of which will be looking to log onto the mobile networks,” explains Markus von Böhlen, Director Devices, SIM & Logistic at Telefónica Deutschland. “This demand can only be met by stationary SIM chips that can be configured conveniently via software. For this reason, the eSIM is the basis for the internet of things and a real breakthrough for the mobile communication industry.” For the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 classic 3G this works as follows: Once a customer has bought it, an O2 Guru in the store installs the Samsung Gear Manager on the compatible Android smartphone, connecting it with the smartwatch via Bluetooth. Next, the app scans the customer’s personal QR code from the matching mobile contract and initiates the download of the SIM profile used, which is then installed on the Galaxy Gear S2 classic 3G via Bluetooth. As soon as this process has been concluded and the mobile plan has been activated, the first phone call can be made.

New smartwatch: With eSIM and classic design

Photo: Samsung
The design of the Samsung Gear S2 classic 3G is tied in with the aesthetics of traditional watches. However its watch face is a brilliant circular super AMOLED display that can be adjusted individually. The rotating bezel and the buttons at the side allow for an intuitive navigation through the menu. The new Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 classic 3G will be available from O2 for existing customers for a one-off payment of 59 Euros and 19,99 Euros per month in combination with an O2 Blue All-in S and Surf Upgrade S. This versatile tariff combination includes a flat rate to all German networks for phone calls and SMS, an internet flat rate with one gigabyte at full speed as well as an additional fixed-line number that can be called at low rates.