Amy Macdonald live:

The O2 Crew brings free entertainment to customers

MUNICH/Germany. Telefónica O2 Germany opens the door to free live entertainment in 2010 in top venues in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich and the O2 World in Berlin, featuring acts like Amy Macdonald, whose album just entered the German Top 100 Album Charts at number one. Further highlights include NENA, Rihanna, the Black Eyed Peas and the comedians of the QUATSCH Comedy Club. The key to it all is the O2 Crew. At the centre of the innovative programme of customer retention and brand strengthening is the website. Under the motto "Be there together" (Zusammen dabei) customers can experience unique entertainment in their region - and it's all free.
O2 was responsible for huge entertainment treats back in 2005 as a pioneer in organising free concerts with its "O2 Music Flashes". Then, in 2008, it opened the O2 World entertainment arena in Berlin. At the same time the O2 World mobile arena complex started its tour through Germany to present top acts for several weeks in selected German cities over the last two years. The O2 Crew is now the current highlight of this development. It proved itself for the first time at the MTV EMAs in November 2009. In a space of four weeks, some 16,000 partygoers had registered as crew members on the O2 website, with the 600 winners experiencing to the award ceremony up close in the O2 World. Market research has shown that the O2 World on tour concept is hitting a positive note among the target group of 20- to 39-year-olds: More than 50,000 visitors came to O2 World on tour events in 2008 and 2009. Among O2 customers and non-customers, 94% of surveyed visitors said the quality of the events was "very good" or "good", while 95% said that they would tell their friends and acquaintances about their visit to the O2 World on tour and the O2 brand.
Vice President Brand Management at Telefónica O2 Germany, André Schloemer: "More than 80% of responding O2 customers last year said their ties to the brand had been strengthened after their visit to the O2 World on tour - our concept of offering our O2 customers added value with entertainment highlights is meeting with high acceptance in the target group. With the O2 Crew we are now going a step further. The live entertainment programme will last not just a few weeks, but will carry on throughout the whole year. More than 60 events have been planned across the country." At the centre of the interactive campaign is the website. There O2 customers can register and set up a crew with themselves as captain. They can then invite their friends to register on the O2 Crew website too using SMS, e-mail or social networks. Customers of other providers can also become crew members. The crew captain and the crew can then win free tickets for the events. As last year, Nokia is on board as a partner to the O2 World on tour in 2010. It will support the O2 Crew in offering outstanding live entertainment in the areas of music, dance, comedy and cinema. Further information available at: All market research findings appearing in this text were taken from a FairControl visitor survey taken by Telefónica O2 Germany in 2009.