Conquer Dusseldorf with O2 and Win a World Tour

MUNICH. From today on, Telefónica O2 Germany will conquer the city of Dusseldorf. "Claim your City" is a game in which mobile phone users will claim the entire metropolis on the Rhine river for the next 20 days. For this, all they need to do is to walk through the city with their GPS phones and mark as many areas as possible for themselves on a digital map. The user who claims the largest area will win a world tour.
O2 will present the winner and his or her companion with two flight tickets for a trip around the globe. Other prizes include bargain mobile phone packages, My Contact Stix, and travel vouchers from the partner L'TUR. Anyone may participate, even those who are not O2 customers. However, the participants need a Facebook account for identification. All player actions are displayed immediately on his or her wall in the social network and are visible to all friends. The latest area claims are also published in Facebook and at the Web site (in German). "The title of our new campaign is 'More Network'", explains André Schloemer, Vice President Brand Management of O2. "Following investments of almost 4 billion Euros, we now have one of Europe's most modern networks. In cities like Dusseldorf, we achieve the best connection rate of all providers: 99.3 percent." This abstract figure comes from the annual test of the trade magazine "Connect", but the technology can be experienced live with "Claim your City". O2 has divided the entire city into sections that form a digital game area. Every player can claim 20 of these every day. For many of these claims, there are additional hidden prizes that are announced by means of a popup on the mobile phone display. But who doesn't pay attention may loose its secured territory. Dusseldorf remains a battleground until the last day.
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