5G and alarm systems:More security through intelligently networked alarm systems

Modern alarm systems can make life safer and more comfortable for private and industrial customers - especially thanks to intelligent networking with the 5G mobile phone standard. For smart home users, intelligent guards are being created that react reliably in everyday life as well as in the event of an acute alarm and send image and sound recordings in real time to the owner's smartphone.

Smoke detectors and other sensors complete the camera and surveillance systems to form an intelligently networked alarm system. The owner can view the data anytime and anywhere, since a smartphone app bundles all security-relevant functions centrally for the owners. In case of fire or burglary, dangerous situations can be detected earlier. This can save lives in an emergency. For companies, such systems in turn mean protection against considerable damage.

If, for example, a camera detects an intrusion into sensitive company areas, an automatic alarm system can lock the doors to other parts of the building in real time and thus prevent further intrusion - or the perpetrator from escaping. The same applies if a fire or dangerous chemicals spread in buildings or industrial halls. Thanks to the ultra-fast real-time connection of 5G, malfunctions of machines in industrial plants are noticed earlier. This gives companies the chance to rectify them more quickly, ensure the highest possible performance at all times and avoid production downtime.