Voice and data services:Mobile high-speed with 5G

Credits: Gettyimages
Voice and data services refer to mobile telephony and the use of the Internet and online services via the mobile network. The quality of voice and data services has been continuously enhanced with new mobile phone standards. Smooth streaming of films and series, telephony in Full-HD-Voice quality and high-speed Internet surfing - all this is possible at any time with the average data rates of the fast LTE standard (4G) in the O2 network.

For mobile data use, the mobile phone standard 5G offers even higher capacities and speeds. In a first step, up to 1 Gigabit per second (1 Gbit/s) is possible. Even though there is no concrete use case for private customers today - beyond faster downloads - which could only be implemented smoothly with 5G, the network experience of the customers is nevertheless significantly improved. With 4G and 5G, O2 customers will have two powerful mobile broadband standards for mobile data use available to them in the future. Especially in metropolitan areas or at major events, the parallel use of both technologies will lead to a noticeable relief and better data rates.

In contrast to data usage, 5G does not yet bring any added value to mobile telephony. This is because calls via the 5G network have not been technically possible up to now. In this case, customers are automatically booked into the existing 4G network (Voice over LTE; VoLTE) or other network standards such as 2G as a fallback. The situation was similar when the LTE standard was introduced: Here, too, customers could initially only use mobile data before the VoLTE voice service was introduced. The same will also apply to 5G in the coming years.