Nokia and Telefónica Germany agree common “Early 5G Innovation Cluster”

Lab testing in Munich and field trials currently planned in Berlin will address the demands for greater capacity and performance on the path to 5G | Focus on...

Telefónica NEXT brings data analysis to life:

How Germany moves

Mobility data, data analysis, big data – these terms are all rather abstract. With “So bewegt sich Deutschland” (How Germany moves), Telefónica NEXT has cr...

A New Milestone in Munich TechCity:

Telefónica Germany and Huawei Completed - FDD Massive MIMO Field Trial

Telefónica Germany successfully carried out LTE FDD Massive MIMO field trial in Munich on July 20th 2017. The trial is the latest milestone in the operator’s...

User measurements in the COMPUTER BILD Netzest 2017 confirm:

Telefónica Deutschland delivers convincing network quality despite major project for network integration

The measurements taken by users in the current network test of the consumer tech magazine COMPUTER BILD (issue 26 of December 9, 2017) confirm that the netwo...

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