Mobile and fixed networks


> 80%

of the population (as of the end of 2017)

> 25,000


418,000 terabytes

were transported on our mobile network in 2017

For customers' everyday digital life

Telefónica Deutschland has a modern, high-capacity network infrastructure. At the same time, the company is making substantial investments to help expand the network for national broadband coverage.


Through these measures and large network capacities – based on a comprehensive frequency spectrum – the provider ensures fast, reliable mobile system coverage throughout Germany and thus provides excellent service to its customers in their everyday digital life.

Mobile network

With the network integration of O2 and E-Plus, Telefónica is currently carrying out a major technical project in Germany that is unique in Europe. Telefónica’s new, shared network in Germany uses the best locations, thereby improving coverage quality.

Network coverage

Telefónica Deutschland already offers LTE to over 80% of the population of Germany. In large German cities, LTE coverage is already well above 95%. Network speeds of up to 225 Mbit/s have been introduced at the first locations.


Telefónica Deutschland collaborates with over 540 mobile network operators (roaming partners) around the world so that its customers can make mobile calls and have mobile Internet access in over 190 countries. As different as these countries are, we are pursuing a priority objective with our roaming partners: affordable mobile calls and Internet access in foreign countries with attractive prices for our customers.

Fixed network

Fixed network, internet and mobile under one roof: As an integrated telecommunications provider, Telefónica Deutschland provides fixed-network and DSL services in addition to comprehensive mobile services. This allows us to provide our customers with added value and to handle the demand for converging solutions. Read more

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