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Telefónica Deutschland already offers LTE to approx. 95 percent of the population in Germany. In the largest German cities the company even achieves LTE coverage of almost 100 percent. More and more frequently, customers use network speeds of up to 225 Mbit/s.
Telefónica Deutschland is consistently driving the nationwide expansion of LTE. By using additional frequency bands in the cities, the company is increasing the available LTE capacities. This way, even more customers benefit from ever better mobile data rates. In addition, the company is also focused on expanding LTE in rural regions as well as on continuously improving supply along important transport infrastructures such as motorways, federal highways and rail routes.
In future, customers will browse the web at high-speed in all those places where they already use good quality data service – at significantly higher data transmission rates and shorter reaction times. Through continuous expansion, the company is creating the conditions for customers to comfortably benefit from the large, affordable data packages for their digital everyday lives. Network coverage at a glance
GSM outdoor network coverage throughout Germany: just under 100%
UMTS network coverage throughout Germany: over 90%
LTE coverage rate throughout Germany: approx. 95%
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