Network coverage

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As part of the ongoing network integration, network coverage is being optimised across all locations, and LTE expansion is also being advanced at the same time. Telefónica Deutschland already offers LTE to approximately 80 percent of the population of Germany. The company even achieves LTE coverage of around 90% in cities. Network speeds of up to 225 Mbit/s were introduced at the first locations.
In 2016 alone, Telefónica Deutschland reported growth of 4 million LTE customers to a total of 12 million. This number will rise steadily with continuous LTE expansion. In future, customers will be able to access high-speed internet wherever they are currently getting good quality data service – with significantly higher data transmission rates and shorter reaction times. Telefónica Deutschland will consistently promote universal LTE expansion. The company is taking a benefit-oriented approach to this and is wisely following the needs of its customers. The priority is on expanding LTE stations where clients actually need this standard to use their applications. Network coverage at a glance
-GSM outdoor network coverage throughout Germany: just under 100%
-UMTS national roaming network coverage throughout Germany: roughly 90%
-LTE: coverage rate throughout Germany: roughly 80%
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