Roaming – unlimited mobile calls and internet access around the world

Telefónica Deutschland collaborates with over 540 mobile network operators (roaming partners) around the world so that its customers can make mobile calls and have mobile internet access in over 190 countries. As different as these countries are, we are pursuing a priority objective with our roaming partners: affordable mobile calls and internet access in foreign countries with attractive prices for our customers.
To this end, Telefónica Deutschland concludes roaming agreements with select network operators in over 190 countries to ensure technical connection as well as billing. The roaming agreements are reciprocal. They allow the customers of Telefónica Deutschland to make calls and access the internet on their foreign partner network. Conversely, customers of the each roaming partner can also use Telefónica’s network if they come to Germany.

Global roaming – by land, air or sea

The same mobile network can generally be used for both voice and data services as well as other mobile services. Aside from terrestrial roaming (i.e. on land), another issue is non terrestrial roaming, which makes mobile calls possible at sea or on airplanes.

EU roaming – roam like at home

Thanks to “roam like at home”, Telefónica Deutschland customers can use their national tariff for voice, SMS and data within the EU without additional roaming surcharges – like at home. After all, part of the holiday experience for many travellers is staying in touch with family and friends, sharing pictures and experiences and always having mobile access to important travel information. Contract customers can decide which tariff solution is the best for them in other countries.
For roaming details (in German) please visit our brands in Germany directly: