Telco Terminologies

In this series, O2 Telefónica breaks down key terms in the telecommunications industry.

What does SIM mean?

07.09.2023 | A SIM card is a very small circuit board. As a key component of the phone, it functions like a miniature passport, identifying the user in the mobile network and thus enabling him or her to use it for mobile telephony and data communications.

What is a "Fibre connection"?

21.08.2023 | These connections provide high speeds in the gigabit range. In a fiber-optic trial arrangement, 153 million gigabits per second were achieved at the end of 2022. More informationen:

What does "Latency" mean?

10.08.2023 | 5G technology offers extremely low latency, the delay between sending and receiving information is 1 millisecond compared to 200 milliseconds for 4G. More information:

What is "Network Slicing"?

03.08.2023 | Network slicing occurs most often in the context of 5G networks. In this process, the network or a part of the network is sliced like a cake into pieces according to demand. These network slices then function as their own virtual, separately secured network within the overall network, which can be configured to meet different requirements. More information:

What does the G in 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G mean?

17.07.2023 | Just like humanity, mobile networks evolve over generations. Each new generation of network technology offers more performance and new possibilities for the smartphone as the switching point of people's everyday digital lives. More information: