Integrated solutions:Well equipped even on a fixed network

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Fixed network, internet and mobile under one roof: As an integrated telecommunications provider, Telefónica Deutschland realizes not only comprehensive mobile communications services but also fixed network services via a unique technology mix of DSL, cable, fiber optics and 4G/5G mobile communications via the O2 Homespot. In this way, we offer our customers added value and meet the demand for convergent offerings.

Through its long-term cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica Deutschland also provides its customers with the best products in the area of fixed network and DSL. With its high-speed solution, the company reaches millions of households in Germany. As a fully-fledged provider, the company can thus meet the demand for converging solutions in the market. Through its cooperations with Vodafone and Tele Columbus, O2 provides its customers with Internet via broadband cable. Through these partnerships, Telefónica Deutschland reaches more than 26 million households with fixed-network via cable connections. Added to this is the coverage O2 achieves via regional network operators such as EWE TEL and (fiber optics) or the joint venture Unsere Grüne Glasfaser (UGG), which will build up to 2.2 million fiber optic connections ("FTTH" - fiber to the home) in previously underserved rural areas. In the future, the company will also be able to offer its O2 customers fiber-optic connections via Deutsche Telekom's infrastructure. The DSL packages for fixed-network products will be particularly attractive, especially with the Combi advantage, which offers a discount when several O2 products are booked. Visit the online shop to see O2's fixed-network solutions.