Integrated solutions:well equipped even on a fixed network

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Fixed network, internet and mobile under one roof: As an integrated telecommunications provider, Telefónica Deutschland provides fixed-network and DSL services in addition to comprehensive mobile services. This allows us to provide our customers with added value and to handle the demand for converging solutions.
Through its long-term cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica Deutschland provides its customers with the best products in the area of fixed network and DSL in addition to strong mobile communications. With its high-speed solution, the company reaches millions of households in Germany. As a fully-fledged provider, the company can thus meet the demand for converging solutions in the market. Customers benefit from this most of all: They receive DSL fixed telephony and high speed internet without additional contracts with other providers. This includes access to VDSL-based high-speed connections.
Combining DSL packages with an O2 mobile contract makes them particularly attractive. O2 my All in One not only includes unlimited mobile telephony, but also a landline connection with calls and an internet flat rate. Customers therefore only need one tariff for unlimited browsing at high-speed in every situation - on the move with LTE and in their own four walls with VDSL. In addition, the combination advantage allows for a discount if multiple O2 products are ordered. Visit the online shop to see O2 DSL solutions.