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Dear retailers,

as Sales Manager for the indirect sales channels of O2 Telefónica, I would like to invite you. Invite you, to take some time to get a picture of us as an attractive network operator. Why? Because we at O2 Telefónica are looking for new retail partners. We call them exclusive Quality Partners, because quality is the key to success. For you as well as for us. We offer high-quality products and rates at an excellent price-performance ratio. We also invest heavily in expanding our excellent network. Your customers also demand quality when it comes to advice. If your convincing manner in customer contact meets our wide range of products and services, then it sounds like a perfect match to me. If you are interested in working with us, please pick up the phone. Contact our Area Sales Manager who has been in touch with you or use the contact option on this page. My colleagues will be happy to take the time to discuss any open questions with you. Become a part of us. I would be very pleased. Kai Zalisz, Vice President Large Retail & Indirect Sales

Watch my video greeting message (in German)

About us

Our self-understanding

At O2 Telefónica, we see ourselves as gamechangers.

We constantly challenge the market with our creative and bold ideas. This "can do" spirit has made us Germany's number 2. But that is no reason for us to rest. We want to continue to grow. And that's why we're constantly on the lookout for the next gamechanger. Offers that consumers can't afford to ignore. Like our Grow rate. Its data volume grows year after year without customers having to pay anything extra.
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This shows in an exemplary manner that customers are clearly at the center of everything we do and strive for. In this way, we lay the foundation for retailers to increase their own sales. After all, satisfied customers buy and very satisfied customers keep coming back. True to this logic, our retailers have grown together with us over the years. This is also because we do not see partnership as a one-way street. We regularly exchange ideas with our partners via various channels and formats. Because they have their ear very close to the customer. Just like you. Let's work together to make our presence felt even more strongly.
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Our Organisation

Our sales force strengthens the retail trade.

17 area sales managers and four regional managers act as the first point of contact. In addition, our five strategic distributors support our retail partners. Our well-connected area sales managers have access to the central departments of O2 Telefónica. This enables them to provide our retail partners with targeted support. The good thing is that we also employ colleagues at our headquarters who have a wealth of retail expertise.
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Their actions are geared to supporting the retail partners. Why? Because brick-and-mortar retail is and remains a constant for us. That's why we speak and understand the language of brick-and-mortar retail. These are the best prerequisites for developing the business of our specialist retailers. Together with them, we plan the most promising path for consistent sales growth and lay the foundation for an optimal shopping experience. You too can become part of our constantly growing group of specialist retailers.
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Our omnichannel approach

We are where the customers are.

That's why we think of the customer journey consistently along the digital and stationary sales channels. Our approach is to link these channels in order to provide our customers with the best possible buying and service experience: be it via app, hotline, website, social media, and most importantly, of course, in the retail store. After all, personal contact is where the sales staff in the store can bring all their consulting and sales expertise to bear.
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The digitization of stationary sales is important for us. Why? Because we want to combine digital and stationary. In the store, too, it's about being up-to-date and meeting the needs of more and more customers. That's why we want to bring more retailers online. For example, by offering them an official website that customers can use to conveniently make appointments and contact us. This will increase their visibility. At the POS itself, we support customer conversations with digital solutions. At the same time, customers can have products purchased in the store conveniently delivered to their homes. We have done very well in recent years with our omnichannel approach and have grown together with retailers. We want to continue to do so ... ideally with you.
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Our quality

At O2 Telefónica, the signs continue to point to growth.

With our high-performance mobile network, including 5G, we are closing the last white spots on the map of Germany. At the same time, we are bringing households onto the network, via whatever technology. Be it fiber, DSL, cable connection or LTE. We are the first provider to offer all these technologies. With this diversity, we enable retailers to increase revenue from fixed-network contracts.
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In hardware, too, we have long offered much more than just smartphones and tablets. Our attractive Apple deals, Playstation offers, and smart TVs open up promising cross-selling opportunities. The convincing quality of our products and rates has been proven many times over. We regularly top the podium in independent tests. Combined with our excellent price-performance ratio, we are striking a chord with more and more consumers. In 2022 alone, we gained as many new customers as the population of Frankfurt am Main. We are thus continuing the trend of recent years of growing faster than the market. This shows: We are living our "can do" philosophy and driving growth. We want to continue this trend ... preferably with you.
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Our awards

Take a look at the numerous seals we have recently received:

1) Please see details below

What you can expect

From O2 Telefónica:

  • An ambitious partner who is not satisfied with the status quo.
  • An innovative partner who likes to launch unusual tariffs to positively surprise customers.
  • A powerful partner who launches eye-catching advertising campaigns to further strengthen the O2 brand.
  • A strong partner who understands retailers and helps them increase frequency and expand their customer base with compelling value for money.

  • A professional partner who recognizes growth potential and takes a hands-on approach. Just as it corresponds to our "can do" spirit.
  • A supportive partner who collects detailed analyses and discusses them with the resellers in order to provide decisive growth impulses.
  • A supporting partner whose starter package includes not only advertising materials, but also precise coaching and training for new partners, which can be carried out both online and on site.
  • An appreciative partner who rewards top performance, who is close to the retail trade with its field sales force and who celebrates our retail partners at the annual partner congress.

From the Area Sales Manager:

They give O2 Telefónica a face: our Area Sales Managers. They embody our claim of personal consulting, short paths and partnership in practice. This is illustrated by the statements of the following Area Sales Managers:

Benjamin Klemz

"My partners know they can call me when they need help with their sales. Because today it's not so easy to run and manage a store. That's why I see myself as a kind of business consultant to the retailers."

Erol Kücük-Theodosaki

"For new partners, we don't offer packages A, B or C. We respond to the specific situation and background of the partners. We put together individual packages and accompany them not only at the beginning, but of course beyond."

Kathrin Gründer

"Our products are always future-oriented, which means that partners can plan their future really well with us. What's more, our well-developed network has been very convincing in recent years."

Manfred Fahnert

"I see myself as the first point of contact for marketing Telefónica products. I work with my partners on margin calculations, hardware orders, and all marketing, social media, and POS issues."

Watch the video statements from some of our Area Sales Managers (in German):

In benefits:

Convincing with quality and performance at the POS, that is what distinguishes our retail partners. If this also applies to you, then you've come to the right place. We reward all those who go the extra mile in customer contact and do a good job. The yardstick for this is our KPIs, which are based on sales success. Depending on how successful a POS is, it benefits in the form of training, baking conditions, and marketing and digitization measures. We distinguish between three levels that our Quality Partners can achieve:
  • Silver Partner
  • Gold Partner
  • Platinum Partner
What exactly is involved will be gladly explained to you by our:e Area Sales Manager:in, who have already been in contact with you. Alternatively, use the contact options on this page and ask for a personal informational interview. We will arrange it for you.

On furniture concept:

Every store is different. That's why nothing comes off the shelf in the O2 Telefónica furniture concept. We tailor our furniture concept to the available options. In this way, we guarantee that every retailer gets exactly the right furniture for the store. One of our five strategic distributors takes care of the realization. He visits the retailers on site, takes the measurements and explains the possibilities in a personal conversation. And, of course, when it comes to financing. We also keep an eye on trends, developments and market requirements, which we discuss regularly with our distributors. In this way, we always offer our partners exactly what they will need tomorrow.

Are you interested?

What you should bring

But what about you? What drives you and what can you bring to our partnership? Do any of the following statements apply to you?
  • You offer high quality customer service.
  • You want to broaden the base of your business.
  • You bring an excellent understanding of the customer.
  • You are not satisfied with the current status quo.

  • You want to increase your sales.
  • You want to offer your customers a greater variety of rates.
  • You want to offer more award-winning services.
  • You want to attract new customers and expand your customer base.
  • You want a strong new partner at your side.
  • You want to grow together with O2 Telefónica.
If you can answer yes to these statements, then you are exactly the kind of gamechanger we like to see at O2 Telefónica.

You want to become an O2 Telefónica retailer?

Then they are in good company with many other retailers before. We asked some of them what made them decide to sell products and rates from O2 Telefónica and how they feel about the cooperation:

Josef Gabriel,
Quality Partner Ochtrup

"Before I decided to open my own store, I already had experience with O2 at two partner stores. For me, there was no other option than to cooperate with O2. O2 is constantly working on its product portfolio. It's getting bigger and bigger. Households can be supplied with different technologies such as cable, LTE and DSL, depending on availability. So O2 gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with many options."

Naser Altaki,
Quality Partner Güstrow

"For my store, the O2 network brings many advantages. The region of my store was previously a white spot, so the O2 network is most in demand right now. It brings me satisfied customers and lots of sales."

Cenk Akar,
Quality Partner Duisburg

"O2 is solution oriented. Together with O2, we look for the best possible solutions for me as a partner and, above all, for our customers."

Kübra Özcan,
Quality Partner Nürnberg

"In my opinion O2 is significantly better than other providers when it comes to dealer support and customer-friendly systems. I also benefit from the dealer support provided by the Area Sales Manager and the employee support through professional training. I feel very comfortable with marketing, and the success rates are enormous. This gives me motivation and energy."

Serkan Görgülü,
Quality Partner Gießen

"For me, it was important that I could identify with the brand and the company. That was the case with O2. I chose the best partner on the market for me."

Mustafa Duman,
Quality Partner Berlin

"I was initially an employee in independent retail shops. I always really liked Telefónica. Especially the concept, the offers and the marketing. It's fun to market and address the offers to customers."

Watch the collected video statements of these retail partners (in German):


You are interested?

Then get in touch with our Area Sales Manager, who has already been in contact with you. She or he will be very happy to take the time to discuss any open questions with you. If you have not yet had initial contact, please use the contact option here and ask for a personal meeting.

We look forward to meeting you.

1) connect mobile communications and 5G network test, issue 01/2023: "very good" (894 points) for O2; overall, 2x "very good" (915 and 894 points) and 1x "outstanding" (952 points) were awarded. 5G is available for suitable end devices at more and more locations. Further information at
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