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On this page we present our solution approaches and offers for partners from the industry and business sector who focuses on digitalisation.
Learn more about specific products and services and how you can integrate them into your end-user offering.

Holistic solutions for digitalisation projects from a single source

With the new technologies from O2 Telefónica, we support our partners in offering holistic solutions for the digitalisation projects of their end customers. In doing so, we look at use cases end-to-end from the customer or user perspective.
Chief Partner & Wholesale Officer Alfons Lösing
Credits: Telefónica
From the customer-specific problem to the holistic solution approach from a single source - we make it possible Predictive maintenance, automated warehousing or flexible production lines - these are just a few examples of numerous use cases that are eagerly discussed and considered by industry and business as part of digitalisation projects. These use cases require reliable connectivity solutions in order to develop their full potential. As a telecommunications service provider, O2 Telefónica offers technologies such as 5G campus networks, Industrial IoT, Multi Access Edge Computing or even SD-WAN as wholesale products for partners from industry and business so that they can enrich their own end customer product with connectivity. This enables partners to offer their customers all-in-one solutions for digitalisation from a single source. O2 Telefónica has been operating successfully in the market with various partnership models for almost 18 years. We provide this expertise to our partnerships by, for example, being able to set up partner-specific business models. We empathize with the needs of our partners and their end customers and are thus able to develop relevant bundled products for end customers together with our partners. Contact for inquiries For further information on our products, services and business models, please contact our experts at:


5G campus networks

Planning, rollout and operation of 5G networks

IoT Connectivity

Secure end-to-end communication in public networks


Managed services for software-defined wide area networks

Multi Access Edge Computing

Computing capacity in mobile network nodes

Digital Ecosystems

Win-win situations for sophisticated digitalisation projects

Find out why a Digital Ecosystem is beneficial for both solution providers and end customers in digitalisation projects in the whitepaper from O2 Telefónica.

Use Cases

Digitalisation turbo for Dataport

From remote to smart city - the IT requirements for public administrations are increasing rapidly. O2 Telefónica has designed and built a 5G standalone network for IT service provider Dataport.
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Dataport is testing IT solutions for public authorities, for example, to what extent 5G technology can be used to provide faster and more cost-effective access to the state network for new or growing public properties such as schools or public authorities in terms of construction. Dataport's 5G Lab provides a secure and protected research and development environment where no data leaves Dataport's premises or the administrative IT network connected to the 5G campus network. Learn more
Credits: Dataport

Helios - IoT improves patient care

O2 Telefónica has built the first private 5G campus network in a hospital in Germany for healthcare provider Helios at its hospital site in Leipzig.
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Networked medical devices can significantly improve patient care. Sensors measure vital signs such as pulse, blood pressure or blood sugar levels and warn of critical values. Patients' condition can be better monitored, and therapeutic measures can be taken more quickly and in a more targeted manner. Helios can use the network to observe and monitor medical equipment in real time, for example, infusion systems. In the future, Helios also plans to use the technology to connect medical devices in outpatient care. Learn more
Credits: iStock / metamorworks

University of excellence uses 5G network for research

O2 Telefónica has deployed the first scientific 5G campus network for the Technical University of Munich (TUM), one of Europe's most innovative universities.
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The scientists study on how industrial companies can use 5G technology for autonomous guided vehicles and robots, for example. The aim is to optimize internal processes in material handling and logistics. Conventional data networks are too slow and too susceptible to interference for such applications. O2 Telefónica's 5G campus network offers TUM a secure, closed research environment - without a connection to the public mobile network. O2 Telefónica also supports the university with engineering consulting. Learn more

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