Best O2 network ever:connect awards O2 network "very good" rating for the third time in a row

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Markus Haas
The renowned connect network test awards the O2 mobile network a "very good" rating for the third time in a row. The provider was able to record a significant plus of 20 points on its account. This means that the O2 network has made the biggest leap forward in quality of all German network operators. With 894 points, connect has awarded the best O2 network of all time this year. This is the highest score ever for O2. The provider secures a partial victory in 5G: the O2 network has the largest proportion of real 5G nationwide. "We offer our approximately 47 million private and business customers the best O2 network ever. The connect network test once again proves that our customers benefit nationwide from a very good network quality with the best price-performance ratio," says Markus Haas, CEO of O2 Telefónica. "We invest more than one billion euros annually in our network. By rolling out true 5G on the fast 3.6 GHz and 700 MHz frequencies, by enabling new digital applications and by closing the last gaps in coverage, we are continuing to drive digitization in our country."

O2 network with significantly improved network quality

connect network test: a "very good" rating for the third time in a row for the O2 mobile network.
The conclusion of connect is clear: "The most significant increase in points among German providers this year is achieved by O2 Telefónica - which underscores its progress in network expansion." This quality boost from O2 brings the German operators closer together in the nationwide comparison of networks. The scores have never been so close together. O2 performs particularly well in terms of voice quality. At the national level, the provider is almost on a par with the runner-up. In the major cities, O2 jumps to second place. The same applies to connecting lines. All private and business customers who make mobile calls on the move benefit from the better network: "Slightly higher success rates on connecting roads show Telefónica to be an interesting Telekom alternative for frequent drivers," confirms connect.

O2 network with largest share of real 5G

Credits: O2 Telefónica
According to connect, the O2 network also has "the largest share of pure 5G”.
connect also examines the nationwide 5G expansion of the providers. O2 focusses on real 5G (5G New Radio), which transmits via the powerful 3.6 GHz frequencies as well as the long-range 700 MHz frequencies. According to connect, the O2 network also has "the largest share of pure 5G. In major cities, the share of 5G measurements is even over 85 percent. This puts O2 clearly ahead of the competition. For customers, this means that in the O2 network they use the modern 5G mobile communications standard particularly frequently - instead of 4G or 5G DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing), in which 4G and 5G share the frequency and bandwidth respectively. Real 5G is also considered particularly future-proof with a view to new digital applications. The result confirms the success of O2's 5G expansion strategy. O2 is making faster progress with its 5G expansion than planned. This year alone, O2 has increased 5G coverage from 30 percent to over 75 percent. In the summer, the provider thus already cracked the original annual target of 50 percent of the population. O2 will bring 5G to more and more cities and rural regions and will cover all of Germany with 5G by the end of 2025.