Press Releases Telefónica Germany

13. Juni 2024

Repair and maintenance improvements:

O2 Telefónica optimizes field technician deployments with intelligent analysis software

Telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica is optimizing its repair and maintenance measures at around 28,000 mobile network sites, thereby ensuring an ever-better network experience for its 45 million customers. Thanks to various quality initiatives, the company was able to reduce the number of necessary repair measures per site by more than a third compared to 2019.
05. Juni 2024

Telefónica celebrates its 100th year anniversary with Minister Wissing and Ambassador Navarro in Berlin

More than 200 guests including Representatives of the German Bundestag, the Federal Government and the German economy have celebrated Telefónica´s 100th year anniversary at the residence of the Spanish Ambassador to Germany, Pascual Navarro. Guests of honor included José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman & CEO of Telefónica S.A,. and Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport.
21. Mai 2024

Optimized network planning:

O2 Telefónica's network gets a digital twin

O2 Telefónica is using a new analysis tool that maps the status of its 28,000 mobile network sites and over 50,000 transport routes in real time. This "digital twin" helps to improve the network experience of millions of O2 Telefónica customers.
10. Mai 2024

Mobile radio frequencies:

An eight-year extension creates the greatest possible benefit for Germany

Why the country needs a comprehensive, preferably eight-year extension of the frequency spectrum in times of AI and advancing digitalization.
09. Mai 2024

Quarterly results:

O2 Telefónica starts the 2024 financial year with further growth and increased profitability

O2 Telefónica continues the profitable growth trajectory of previous years in the first quarter and is on track to achieve the annual outlook for 2024.
08. Mai 2024

First 5G core network in the cloud for an existing operator:

O2 Telefónica sets new impulses in the core network together with Nokia and AWS

Telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica launches the 5G Cloud Core, a new 5G core network built entirely in the cloud, using technologies from European network equipment provider Nokia and from Amazon Web Services (AWS).
02. Mai 2024

New network architecture, new network supplier:

O2 Telefónica and Samsung Launch vRAN and Open RAN Network in Germany

Telefónica and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that the companies have launched their first virtualized RAN (vRAN) and Open RAN commercial site in Germany. It is the first time that Samsung’s 5G vRAN solution is being used in a commercial network in Germany. The site is now operating in Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, providing high-performance and reliable 4G and 5G services to customers.
05. April 2024

New 5G technology for the Internet of Things:

O2 Telefónica tests "5G RedCap" in Munich

Telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica is trialling the 5G technology "5G RedCap" (Reduced Capability) to connect Internet-of-Things devices cost-effectively. Thanks to new radio modules in the end devices, 5G RedCap enables reduced 5G networking of wearables, industrial sensors and monitoring systems adapted to the actual application purposes. The devices can thus be produced, integrated into the network and operated more cost-effectively.
28. März 2024

Corporate Responsibility Report 2023:

O2 Telefónica improves energy efficiency in the network

In 2023, O2 Telefónica improved its sustainability performance in all three dimensions (environment - social - governance) and achieved the best ESG rating in the telecommunications industry worldwide.
19. März 2024

Interim assessment of the 5G rollout in Germany:

O2 Telefónica makes 5G suitable for the mass market

Five years ago, the 2019 frequency auction marked the start of the 5G rollout in Germany. Today, O2 Telefónica's 5G network already reaches 95 per cent of the population. Whether Berlin or Braunschweig, Munich or Mönchengladbach - O2 Telefónica has covered almost one hundred per cent of Germany's largest cities with 5G. The majority of rural regions and an increasing number of transport routes are also ready for the future thanks to the fast 5G rollout. Current figures from O2 Telefónica show that mobile data usage in Germany will continue to increase exponentially with 5G.
07. März 2024

Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG intends to delist from stock exchange

Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG today signed a delisting agreement with Telefónica Local Services GmbH.
26. Februar 2024

Open RAN in Germany:

O2 Telefónica and Ericsson launch first Cloud RAN implementation in Europe

O2 Telefónica in Germany and Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) will start deploying Cloud RAN, supporting 5G Standalone (SA), in Offenbach, Germany in the first half of 2024, marking the first deployment of Ericsson Cloud RAN in Europe.
23. Februar 2024

White spot sustainably gone:

O2 Telefónica builds first energy self-sufficient mobile communications site

Premiere for the first completely self-sufficient radio tower from O2 Telefónica: With the mobile communications site in the Hessian town of Kirtorf, the mobile communications provider is closing one of the last white spots. Among other things, the 50-metre-high mast transmits with the modern 5G standard. Solar cells and a highly efficient fuel cell generate sustainable electricity on site - because the site does not have a conventional electricity connection.
21. Februar 2024

Annual results 2023:

Telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica delivers record year and expects further growth

Telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica closed the 2023 financial year with a strong fourth quarter. Revenue increased by 4.7 percent to 8.614 billion euros and the operating result OIBDA by 3.1 percent to 2.617 billion euros. The company thus exceeded its own expectations for the 2023 financial year in terms of both revenue and operating result OIBDA.
15. Februar 2024

Fast mobile communications for sports fans in Munich:

O2 Telefónica equips SAP Garden with modern 5G network

Telecommunications provider O₂ Telefónica is equipping the new multifunctional SAP Garden sports arena in Munich with a modern 5G network. Sports fans at the 11,500-seat venue in Munich's Olympic Park, the new home of Red Bull Munich's ice hockey team and FC Bayern Munich's basketball team, will benefit from high data transfer rates and short response times when surfing the O2 network.
10. Januar 2024

César Alierta, former chairman of Telefónica, passes away

César Alierta Izuel passed away today in Zaragoza at the age of 78.
29. November 2023

O2 Telefónica masters anniversary network test:

connect awards O2 network another “very good” rating

30 years of connect network test, 25 years of O2 network and a very good network quality for customers: The O2 mobile network once again receives the grade “very good “ in the 30th network test by the telco magazine connect.*
15. November 2023

New partnership for networking the Internet of Things:

Satellite-based mobile communications offers extensive network coverage in areas that were previously difficult to access

O2 Telefónica is expanding its international network coverage for the Internet of Things (IoT) for its business customers. This is made possible by the new partnership with the IoT satellite operator OQ Technology.
07. November 2023

Quarterly results:

O2 Telefónica is fully on track to achieve its 2023 targets with a strong third quarter

Strong customer growth translated into sales and earnings growth.
06. November 2023

American football beats soccer in Germany:

NFL game Chiefs vs. Dolphins sets new data record at Frankfurt stadium

Fans used more mobile data than ever before at peak times during the game on November 5.
31. Oktober 2023

Companies to test advanced cloud-native and open architecture:

Samsung and O2 Telefónica to Jointly Test Modern vRAN and Open RAN Technologies in Germany

The two technologies enable network operators to set up even more flexible network architectures in which hardware and software are separated from each other and individual components are virtualized.
30. Oktober 2023

Successful launch of an ecosystem-play for IoT applications:

O2 Telefónica cooperates with global mobile communications provider Transatel

The two companies signed a long-term cooperation agreement incl. mid-term access to O2 Telefónica’s strong 5G network.
12. Oktober 2023

25 years of network expansion:

O2 Telefónica shapes German mobile communications market with unique success story

On the occasion of the anniversary, CEO Markus Haas appeals to use the full potential of mobile communications for a sustainable future for Germany.
27. September 2023

Satellite IoT:

O2 Telefónica extends its IoT network to satellite connectivity

O2 Telefónica and Skylo Technologies, a leading provider of satellite-based telecommunications for the Internet of Things (IoT), have partnered for global IoT connectivity. Skylo's so-called Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN), which transmits from space, can complement networks on Earth and help fill coverage gaps. Currently, special terminals are needed to communicate with satellites. In the future, integrated 5G radio modules can seamlessly switch between terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks.
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