Optimized network planning:O2 Telefónica's network gets a digital twin

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Credits: iStock / gorodenkoff (Montage O2 Telefónica)
With the new analysis tool our network technicians can optimize their network planning more quickly
O2 Telefónica is using a new analysis tool that maps the status of its 28,000 mobile network sites and over 50,000 transport routes in real time. This “digital twin” helps to improve the network experience of millions of O2 Telefónica customers. The internal tool was developed independently by O2 Telefónica. Network technicians can use it to optimize their network planning and resolve local restrictions more quickly.
Mallik Rao
Mallik Rao, Chief Technology & Information Officer of O2 Telefónica, explains: “The digital network twin provides us with comprehensive real-time information and routes - like a map app for the network. We visualize the live status of the O2 Telefónica network and can respond even better to the current needs of our customers. With the self-developed application, we work ten times faster than with previous tools. We can optimize our network in a more targeted manner, better identify performance restrictions and identify alternative transport routes more quickly.” An interactive map, like those used by well-known navigation and map apps, shows all mobile network locations, IP routers, radio relay and fibre optic routes in the mobile network. Instead of showing the fastest route for bicycles, cars or trains, the map shows the best route for the mobile phone signal through the network - from the respective site to the core network. With the help of the software, O2 Telefónica’s technicians can understand down to the smallest detail how efficient individual network components are and what their current live utilization looks like.

Application can simulate the network of the future

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O2 Telefónica is making the mobile network more resilient with the new application: In the event of a disruption, the digital twin suggests a new routing for the mobile signals. The technicians can also simulate how transport routes and routers will behave in the event of a possible failure. This includes how the components will cope with the expected additional load. The network experts can recognize potential bottlenecks and missing alternative routes at an early stage and take measures in advance to ensure a smooth network supply for mobile phone users. Customers benefit from advanced network optimization: technicians have a simulation option at their disposal that allows them to run through various future scenarios with regard to the growing data volumes in the network. This allows them to optimize the network in a more targeted manner. Mobile data usage in the O2 Telefónica network is growing exponentially. In 2023, the network handled 4.8 billion gigabytes of mobile data. With the help of digital applications, the company ensures that customers have an optimal telephony and surfing experience on the O2 Telefónica network.