05. Oktober 2020

BNetzA supply requirement:

O2 reaches second milestone in 4G rollout

Parallel to the current launch of the O2 5G network, Telefónica Germany / O2 is also making great strides in the 4G expansion. The company has reached the second interim target set by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) for the subsequent fulfillment of the supply requirement from the frequency auction 2015 on time by 30 September 2020. In total, O2 has installed 5089 new 4G stations since the beginning of the year, more than the required 4940.
03. Oktober 2020

O2 turns on 5G network:

By 2025 at the latest, the whole of Germany should be supplied with 5G

On the 30th anniversary of German Unity, Telefónica Germany / O2 enters the 5G era. Together with the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder, the CEO of the Munich-based company Telefónica Deutschland / O2 switches on the 5G network of O2. "We are starting the data turbo for digitalization from Bavaria for Germany", said Markus Haas at the switch-on ceremony.
24. September 2020

5G network goes live from 3 October:

O2 kick starts launches data turbo for digitalization of Germany

On October 3, O2 will launch the 5G network in the five largest German cities Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne. This way the core brand of Telefónica Germany sets a sign for digital progress and mobile freedom in a symbolic virtual act on the 30th anniversary of German reunification. The same also applies to the new mobile communications standard: O2 democratizes high-tech. By offering the best value-for-money 5G proposition, O2 will open up access to the 5G experience to all consumers. O2 private customers will enter the 5G era with the commercial marketing of the offers on 6 October. They can use 5G from day one at no extra charge. Attractive offers for O2 business customers will follow soon. They will all experience completely new dimensions of digitalisation with O2 in the future.
07. September 2020

Over 20,000 4G cellular sites:

O2 network expansion offensive makes great progress

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 has broken the 20,000 mark for 4G coverage of mobile phone sites with its current network expansion offensive. Since the beginning of the year, the network operator has set up around 4,000 4G stations to provide numerous towns and districts with mobile O2 high-speed networks for the first time. In addition, more than 2,000 additional 4G stations are in operation at existing locations to provide more capacity and higher surfing speeds for mobile data use. Thus, O2 network engineers have improved the 4G mobile coverage for over 5.5 million people in the O2 network since the beginning of the year. The 4G mobile communications standard enables O2 customers to use all digital applications even when they are on the move.
02. September 2020

Mercedes-Benz Cars opens "Factory 56":

Production facilities are connected in real time via O2 5G campus network

Today, the car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz Cars put one of the world's most modern car production facilities into operation - an all-digital, flexible and green factory - the "Factory 56". A core element of the new, fully networked production facility in Sindelfingen will be the 5G campus network that Telefónica Deutschland / O2 has built for Mercedes-Benz Cars in cooperation with network equipment supplier Ericsson. The fifth generation of mobile communications will connect machines and systems intelligently, securely, wirelessly and in real time. In future, the network will be used in ongoing automobile production.
01. September 2020

Cooperation with Amazon Web Services and Ericsson drives new industrial 5G solutions:

Telefónica Germany / O2 builds new 5G core network in the cloud

Telefónica Germany / O2 is the first German network operator to build its 5G core network as well as crucial 5G network functions for new industry solutions in the cloud. Via the cloud-based 5G core network, new industry solutions can be developed faster, production and logistics processes can be automated even more and applications implemented in real-time (edge computing). In an industrial use case proof of concept, Telefónica Germany / O2 will use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its proven cloud infrastructure to virtualize its 5G core. In addition, the company is relying on 5G core and orchestration components from the Swedish telecommunications supplier Ericsson.
29. Juni 2020

Telecom Trade Reader's Choice 2020:

Mobile phone retailers nominate O2 as overall winner

O2 is more popular than ever with its dealers. This is shown by the results of the latest reader survey conducted by Telecom Handel, the trade magazine for telecommunications. The readers of the renowned Munich trade magazine, predominantly telecommunications retailers from all over Germany, voted O2 the best mobile phone provider of the year. The mobile phone brand is thus continuing its series of successes in retail.
03. Juni 2020

Participation in the worldwide research project folding@home:

Telefónica Deutschland uses computing capacities to combat the coronavirus

In the fight against the coronavirus, Telefónica Deutschland is supporting an international research association to develop therapies and vaccinations. The telecommunications provider is providing a data centre for the volunteer computing project folding@home.
02. Juni 2020

European network supplier for the most security-relevant network area:

Telefónica Deutschland builds 5G core network with Ericsson technology

Telefónica Deutschland is building the o2 mobile network of the future. For the particularly security-relevant 5G core network, the company is relying on a European provider in the form of the Swedish telecommunications supplier Ericsson. With this groundbreaking decision, the company is setting the course for a secure, digital network for the country in the coming 5G era.
06. April 2020

Information on the current situation:

More information via mobile phone, more entertainment via fixed network

The current challenges around the corona topic influence the private and professional life of millions of people. Many customers are at home, working from their home office, looking after their children or are in contact with their schools and universities via the Internet. The O2 network has a very special role to play in meeting people's increased need for information and communication in these times. More than ever, we are dependent on mobile networking.
01. April 2020

Data anonymisation:

Telefónica Germany supports Robert Koch Institute with mobility analyses in the fight against corona

In the current exceptional situation due to corona, the discussion about mobility analyses based on mobile radio data has gained momentum again. The question is whether and how these analyses can help to contain the corona virus.
17. März 2020

In times of Corona online, stay informed at all times and connected across all channels:

O2 secures basic communication for millions of private and business customers

The current corona issue affects the whole of society. O2 is assuming responsibility and providing its customers with the best possible support in these challenging times: A special measure will ensure the basic communicative supply of all O2 private and business customers as well as customers of the second brand BLUE (both prepaid and postpaid). In the coming weeks, they will be able to keep up to date with the latest developments and stay in touch with family and friends without restrictions - by telephone or video telephony, via WhatsApp and other digital channels.
10. März 2020

5G campus in Berlin BASECAMP:

Telefónica Deutschland invites the public to try out 5G

5G you can touch - this is what Telefónica Deutschland is now offering at BASECAMP in the middle of Berlin. The first 5G indoor campus solution in the capital city enables all interested parties to try out the new wireless technology. In addition, the company will be promoting the exchange of information on the key topics relating to 5G at BASECAMP. The official opening ceremony with Telefónica CEO Markus Haas, Eugene Kaspersky, CEO Kaspersky, the President of the Federal Office for Information Security Arne Schönbohm and moderator and journalist Dunja Hayali marked the start of the event.
03. März 2020

Grade "good" in PC Magazin Mobilfunk Benchmark 2020*:

O2 customers surf and make calls in a reliably high-performance network

With its strong performance, the O2 network secures the grade "good" in the current mobile phone benchmark 2020 of PC Magazin and PC Go, two sister magazines of the trade magazine connect. This puts the network on an equal footing with the other network operators* in the rating ("good"). The O2 network convinced in various categories and thus once again demonstrates its reliability and performance in the digital customer's everyday life.
04. Februar 2020

Construction of an energy-efficient 5G network:

Telefónica Deutschland receives EUR 450 million EIB loan

Telefónica Deutschland has secured a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) amounting to 450 million euros. The company intends to use the proceeds to build an energy-efficient 5G network and to upgrade its LTE network. In December, Telefónica Deutschland announced that it would significantly increase its investment in the mobile network in 2020 and 2021.
03. Februar 2020

New 5G research and development site in Malaga:

Telefónica and DEKRA open Europe's most modern test centre for networked driving

The mobility of the future is becoming tangible: The telecommunications provider Telefónica, together with the German testing company DEKRA, has inaugurated a new test centre for networked and autonomous driving in Malaga, Spain. On the premises, the companies are testing modern 5G solutions and "Vehicle to Everything" (V2X) vehicle technologies together with other cooperation partners from the automotive and technology sector.
30. Januar 2020

New O2 tariffs for self-employed people:

5G, double data volume and improved service

In the past twelve months, customers sent almost 1 billion gigabytes of data volume through the O2 mobile network - also because self-employed people and small businesses are using more and more mobile data. This shows that the O2 tariffs with their large data volumes at attractive prices meet the needs of customers. For private customers, O2 will, as just announced, equip the new data tariffs with twice as much performance at the same price and offer three new unlimited tariffs.
23. Januar 2020

German mobile communications enters the Exabyte era:

O2 network handles around 1 billion gigabytes of data

The O2 network establishes the Exabyte era in German mobile communications: In the past twelve months, customers sent almost 1 billion gigabytes of data volume through the O2 mobile network. This corresponds to about one Exabyte of mobile data. Never before has so much been consumed. With this data volume, you could stream music for more than 1.5 million years at a stretch. In a competitive comparison, the O2 network is therefore at the forefront when it comes to mobile data usage in Germany.
02. Januar 2020

New Year's Eve 2019/2020:

New record values on New Year's Eve herald decade of mobile communications

The decade of mobile communications is starting with new records and an outstanding firework of data. On New Year's Eve 2019/20, customers in the O2 network consumed more data than ever before. In the first hour of the new year (0-1 o'clock) alone, around 190,000 GB of data flowed through the O2 mobile network - a new record!