Press Releases Telefónica Germany

25. November 2020

CHIP network test 2020:

O2 network catches up with competition thanks to 4G rollout offensive

Strong performance in the CHIP network test 2020: Thanks to the comprehensive network expansion offensive, the O2 network makes the biggest quality leap (+25 percent) across all network operators this year and is catching up closely with the competition. O2 again receives an overall "good" rating, but improves it to a strong 1.59 (after 2.3 in the previous year). The network thus missed the leap to "very good" (from 1.50) by a hair's breadth – a motivation for further network expansion and the coming year. Especially pleasing for O2 customers: The CHIP network test certifies the O2 network a very good network quality for mobile calls and data usage as well as a good 4G availability – also in rural areas and along train routes.
20. November 2020

COMPUTER BILD network test:

O2 network with big leap forward in 4G coverage in the countryside

"Compared to last year, O2 has made enormous progress in LTE coverage" - that is the conclusion of this year's network test of trade magazine COMPUTER BILD ("The best network for 2021"). The O2 network once again secured an overall "Good" (2.4) rating and improved in numerous important categories. This year's score is based on much stricter measurement criteria. For the first time, only 4G data connections are considered and 3G connections are no longer rated. Particularly pleasing for O2 customers: The O2 network is taking the biggest step forward in 4G availability in rural areas across all operators and is improving significantly. In addition, the O2 network cuts a good figure in large cities and leaves the competition behind in some cities.
18. November 2020

3G becomes 4G by the end of 2021:

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 accelerates network expansion at 18,000 sites

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 is once again accelerating its network expansion: By the end of 2021, the network operator will convert the existing 3G technology of its O2 network to more powerful 4G technology - one year ahead of schedule. Customers of all brands of Telefónica Deutschland / O2 will benefit from a better network experience in their daily data usage. O2 customers will be able to surf the web significantly faster via the 4G network than on the former 3G basis and the voice quality will improve noticeably. With this decision it is also clear: By the end of 2021 3G will be a thing of the past in Germany. Mobile phone customers in this country will in future only use the significantly faster 4G and 5G standards for mobile applications such as social media or music and video streaming.
28. Oktober 2020

Interim statement for the third quarter of 2020 of Telefónica Deutschland / O2:

Revenue and operating result increase slightly

The business of Telefónica Deutschland / O2 performed well in the third quarter. Thanks to high customer interest, especially in mobile tariffs of the core brand O2 and fixed-network offers, the company was able to slightly increase revenue and its operating result (OIBDA). In the mobile business, a positive seasonal development in the demand for prepaid tariffs could be seen in addition to a strong development in the number of postpaid accesses. The company is thus on track to achieve the targets it has set itself for the year as a whole.
23. Oktober 2020

O2 and comdirect launch the new financial app O2 Money:

Up to 2 percent bonus interest for O2 customers

O2 is launching O2 Money together with its banking partner comdirect on 29 October. The new app is a freely available smart financial assistant for all users. In addition to the practical functions of the financial assistant, O2 customers will receive bonus interest on their credit balance up to a certain amount. O2 customers who integrate their O2 banking account with comdirect into the O2 Money app receive 2 percent bonus interest per year.
21. Oktober 2020

Significantly increased power efficiency:

O2 will reach net-zero emissions by 2025 at the latest

Telefónica Germany / O2 has set itself the goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2025 at the latest. For the company, this means that all products or services provided, as well as its business activities as a whole, should no longer increase greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. To this end, concrete measures and interim targets will now be defined every year until 2025, with the aim in particular of improving electricity efficiency, reducing unavoidable CO2 emissions and increasing the quality of the green electricity used. One focus will be on energy management and network technology.
20. Oktober 2020

For accelerated growth in the fixed network:

O2 reinvents the Home-Internet

O2 is attacking in the fixed network market: O2 my Home will be launched on 3 November. O2 is the first German provider to launch a tariff that applies equally to DSL, cable, fibre optics and the mobile-network-based O2 HomeSpot. The 4G-/5G router will become an integral part of O2's new home world, enabling telephony for the first time, offering customers a fixed network number - and is thus a fully-fledged fixed network replacement solution. With its new home offering, O2 is significantly simplifying tariff structures in the fixed network market and ensuring transparency and clarity in the tariff jungle.
15. Oktober 2020

AY YILDIZ celebrates its birthday:

The leading mobile phone brand for the German-Turkish community for 15 years

AY YILDIZ was launched on October 17, 2005 as one of the first mobile phone brands in Germany to tailor its offering specifically to the needs of the German-Turkish community. Over the past 15 years, AY YILDIZ has continuously expanded its mobile phone offer for telephony and data use in Germany and Turkey. In addition, the brand has addressed important social issues for the German-Turkish target group through various marketing campaigns. On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, AY YILDIZ customers will receive a gift of up to 15 GB data volume.
07. Oktober 2020

Optical fiber, VDSL, vectoring:

Telefónica Germany / O2 and Deutsche Telekom expand fixed network cooperation

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 and Deutsche Telekom are extending and expanding their existing cooperation in the fixed network at an early stage. The two companies have signed a ten-year contract to this end. The contract will also enable O2 to market Telekom's fiber optic home access services (FTTH) to its customers in future. In addition, O2 will continue to use VDSL and vectoring wholesale products from Telekom.
06. Oktober 2020

Market launch for private customers:

O2 opens 5G for the mass market

Starting today, private O2 customers can experience 5G: The use of the new mobile phone standard is a fixed component of all O2 Free tariffs starting at 39.99 euros per month. New customers can book it via all O2 sales channels. Existing customers with a "5G ready" tariff activate 5G usage with just a few clicks. O2 also offers a range of attractive 5G smartphones in all price categories - with and without mobile phone tariffs. They can be paid off flexibly via the O2 My Handy instalment model. If desired, customers can protect their new end device with the new O2 cell phone insurance.
05. Oktober 2020

BNetzA supply requirement:

O2 reaches second milestone in 4G rollout

Parallel to the current launch of the O2 5G network, Telefónica Germany / O2 is also making great strides in the 4G expansion. The company has reached the second interim target set by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) for the subsequent fulfillment of the supply requirement from the frequency auction 2015 on time by 30 September 2020. In total, O2 has installed 5089 new 4G stations since the beginning of the year, more than the required 4940.
03. Oktober 2020

O2 switches on 5G network:

Not later than 2025, 5G will be supplied all over Germany

On the 30th anniversary of the German unification, Telefónica Germany / O2 enters the 5G era. In cooperation with the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder, the CEO of the Munich-based company Telefónica Deutschland / O2 switches on the 5G network of O2. "We are starting off the data turbo for digitization from Bavaria, for Germany", said Markus Haas at the switch-on ceremony.
24. September 2020

5G network goes live from 3 October:

O2 kick starts launches data turbo for digitalization of Germany

On October 3, O2 will launch the 5G network in the five largest German cities Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne. This way the core brand of Telefónica Germany sets a sign for digital progress and mobile freedom in a symbolic virtual act on the 30th anniversary of German reunification. The same also applies to the new mobile communications standard: O2 democratizes high-tech. By offering the best value-for-money 5G proposition, O2 will open up access to the 5G experience to all consumers. O2 private customers will enter the 5G era with the commercial marketing of the offers on 6 October. They can use 5G from day one at no extra charge. Attractive offers for O2 business customers will follow soon. They will all experience completely new dimensions of digitalisation with O2 in the future.
07. September 2020

Over 20,000 4G cellular sites:

O2 network expansion offensive makes great progress

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 has broken the 20,000 mark for 4G coverage of mobile phone sites with its current network expansion offensive. Since the beginning of the year, the network operator has set up around 4,000 4G stations to provide numerous towns and districts with mobile O2 high-speed networks for the first time. In addition, more than 2,000 additional 4G stations are in operation at existing locations to provide more capacity and higher surfing speeds for mobile data use. Thus, O2 network engineers have improved the 4G mobile coverage for over 5.5 million people in the O2 network since the beginning of the year. The 4G mobile communications standard enables O2 customers to use all digital applications even when they are on the move.
02. September 2020

Mercedes-Benz Cars opens "Factory 56":

Production facilities are connected in real time via O2 5G campus network

Today, the car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz Cars put one of the world's most modern car production facilities into operation - an all-digital, flexible and green factory - the "Factory 56". A core element of the new, fully networked production facility in Sindelfingen will be the 5G campus network that Telefónica Deutschland / O2 has built for Mercedes-Benz Cars in cooperation with network equipment supplier Ericsson. The fifth generation of mobile communications will connect machines and systems intelligently, securely, wirelessly and in real time. In future, the network will be used in ongoing automobile production.
02. September 2020

Outstanding test winner in a challenging time:

Big connect Shoptest: Only O2 receives overall mark "Very good”

The O2 stores achieved an outstanding result in this year's connect Shoptest. The stores of the core brand of Telefónica Germany not only won the test once again, they also significantly extended their lead over the competition and were the only ones to achieve the overall rating 'Very good'. O2 also dominates in the individual evaluations - 14 of the 25 O2 stores tested received the rating 'Outstanding' or 'Very Good'. For the first time in the long history of the connect store test, an O2 store even achieved almost the perfect score with 499 of the maximum possible 500 points.
01. September 2020

Cooperation with Amazon Web Services and Ericsson drives new industrial 5G solutions:

Telefónica Germany / O2 builds new 5G core network in the cloud

Telefónica Germany / O2 is the first German network operator to build its 5G core network as well as crucial 5G network functions for new industry solutions in the cloud. Via the cloud-based 5G core network, new industry solutions can be developed faster, production and logistics processes can be automated even more and applications implemented in real-time (edge computing). In an industrial use case proof of concept, Telefónica Germany / O2 will use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its proven cloud infrastructure to virtualize its 5G core. In addition, the company is relying on 5G core and orchestration components from the Swedish telecommunications supplier Ericsson.
19. August 2020

Strategic cooperation:

Telefónica Deutschland selects Tech Mahindra to support efficient network and services operations

Telecommunications provider Telefónica Deutschland and Tech Mahindra Ltd, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering services and solutions, have agreed on a strategic cooperation in the network and services operations segment.
11. August 2020

On the way to the "New Normality":

Telefónica Deutschland is gearing up its cooperation for the future with five decisive steps

Telefónica Germany wants to build on the knowledge gained during the COVID-19 special situation and anchor positive changes for the future. To this end, the company presented the corresponding direction to its approximately 8,500 employees on August 10, 2020. With "5 Bold Moves" - five decisive steps - the cooperation is to be aligned to the digital working world of tomorrow: Working Anywhere, Working Anytime, Outcome-based Leadership, Digital by Default and 70% Less Travel.
29. Juli 2020

Interim statement for the first half of 2020:

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 shows relative strength in the first half year and confirms revenue and OIBDA outlook

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 has had a robust first half-year against the background of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
20. Juli 2020

25 years Telefónica Germany / O2:

From the homezone to the trampoline of digitization

July 21, 1995 marks the birth of today's Telefónica Deutschland / O2. 25 years ago, the predecessor company VIAG Interkom became the 4th mobile network operator. Today, the company connects more than 42 million people in mobile communications alone. Another more than 2 million via the fixed network. And a steadily growing number of machines. With increasing digitalization, the company will in future have an even greater impact on all areas of life and work.
16. Juli 2020

Rapid smart meter expansion at Telefónica | O2:

Digitalization reduces power consumption and CO2 emissions in the network

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 is currently equipping 350 mobile phone sites per week with smart meters for digital power metering to further increase the CO2 efficiency of the O2 network. In total, a good 7,500 locations currently have smart meters. The equipment of 27,000 sites is planned by the end of 2021. Telefónica Deutschland expects considerable electricity and CO2 savings through this digitalization measure.
29. Juni 2020

Telecom Trade Reader's Choice 2020:

Mobile phone retailers nominate O2 as overall winner

O2 is more popular than ever with its dealers. This is shown by the results of the latest reader survey conducted by Telecom Handel, the trade magazine for telecommunications. The readers of the renowned Munich trade magazine, predominantly telecommunications retailers from all over Germany, voted O2 the best mobile phone provider of the year. The mobile phone brand is thus continuing its series of successes in retail.
16. Juni 2020

CEO Markus Haas's contribution to the Mobile Summit:

State intervention only necessary for uneconomic sites

The Corona crisis has once again shown how important a well-functioning digital infrastructure is for maintaining public life. Our networks are far better than their reputation - they have passed the stress test! This was made clear again today by the federal government, the states, local authorities and the network operators in their joint declaration on the occasion of the second mobile communications summit under the leadership of Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer.
04. Juni 2020

Passive infrastructure:

Telefónica Deutschland sells mobile sites to Telxius for 1.5 billion euros

Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG has signed an agreement with Telxius Telecom S.A. (Telxius) on the spin-off and sale of its passive infrastructure. Approximately 10,100 mobile sites, which are mostly situated on rooftops, will be transferred to the infrastructure company at a purchase price of 1.5 billion euros. The active radio technology at the transferred sites will remain the property of Telefónica Deutschland and will continue to be used to operate the mobile communications network.
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