Press Releases Telefónica Germany

29. November 2022

Best O2 network ever:

connect awards O2 network "very good" rating for the third time in a row

The renowned connect network test awards the O2 mobile network a "very good" rating for the third time in a row. The provider was able to record a significant plus of 20 points on its account. This means that the O2 network has made the biggest leap forward in quality of all German network operators.
18. November 2022

Voice telephony disruptions resolved:

O2 mobile network fully available

On Thursday, there were restrictions in telephony via 2G, 4G and fixed network in the period from about 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. due to a disrupted voice system at a network location. Customers of O2 Telefónica have been able to make full phone calls again since late yesterday evening.
17. November 2022

Mobile data usage at Munich Game:

Brady beats Bayern

What a spectacular game! Tens of thousands of American Football fans came to Munich last weekend to watch the first regular season game of the US Professional Football League in Germany. A look at the mobile data from the O2 Telefónica network shows: Fans came from all over Germany and many from the United States. According to the data, they are significantly younger and more digitally active than those who attend soccer matches.
17. November 2022

Virtualization in the mobile access network:

O2 Telefónica uses Nokia Cloud RAN technology in 5G network

Telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica is using innovative Cloud RAN technology from European network equipment supplier Nokia in its 5G network for the first time. As with Open RAN, Cloud RAN allows parts of the radio access network (RAN) to be virtualized, which makes it possible to separate hardware and software.
03. November 2022

Strong growth:

O2 Telefónica significantly increases revenue thanks to strong customer growth in the third quarter

Continued positive trend: third-quarter revenues up 6.0 percent to EUR 2.085 billion based on strong mobile service revenues (+3.7 percent) and terminal equipment business | Higher operating profit: adjusted operating profit OIBDA increases by 4.7 percent to EUR 642 million | Customer confidence unbroken: Additional 304,000 mobile post paid net additions (excl. M2M) in the third quarter due to strong development of the core O2 brand
31. Oktober 2022

5G rollout at record speed:

O2 covers 75 percent of the population with 5G

Telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica is making much faster progress with the nationwide rollout of its 5G network than originally planned. The O2 network now supplies 75 percent of the population in Germany with the 5G mobile standard. Currently, more than 18,000 5G antennas are transmitting on the o2 network.
28. Oktober 2022

Telefónica Deutschland:

Andreas Laukenmann becomes new Chief Consumer Officer (CCO) at O2 Telefónica

Experienced telecommunications expert completes the Management Board of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG
14. Oktober 2022

Smartphone Magazin Network Test:

O2 network receives top rating of “Outstanding”

In the major Smartphone Magazin network test, the O2 mobile network secures the top rating of “Outstanding”. Thanks to a further improvement in network quality, O2 now receives the highest rating in the network test for the first time, following the rating of “very good” last year.
12. Oktober 2022

Internet of Things (IoT):

O2 Telefónica equips Nexaro vacuum cleaner robot with IoT connectivity

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), O2 Telefónica will in future equip every NR 1500 vacuum robot from Vorwerk subsidiary Nexaro with a Telefónica IoT SIM card. The connectivity solution from O2 Telefónica is the prerequisite for intelligent real-time management of the autonomous vacuum robots in commercial properties.
22. September 2022

Expansion cooperation in rural areas:

O2 Telefónica and Telekom join forces to cover first gray areas in mobile coverage

O2 Telefónica and Telekom are working together to close mobile network gaps in rural areas. The two companies have been working more closely together since last year to improve mobile coverage and are now jointly providing better mobile communications in the so-called "gray spots."
21. September 2022

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone together with MATSUKO implement a proof of concept of holographic presence as a simple phone call

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone together with the deep tech company MATSUKO develop easy-to-use platform for immersive 3D experiences merging virtuality with reality.
12. August 2022

Million-euro support for reconstruction:

O2 Telefónica donates network technology to Ukraine

O2 Telefónica is providing Ukraine with a comprehensive package of modern network technology to support the urgently needed reconstruction of the destroyed telecommunications infrastructure in the country.
27. Juli 2022

Quality leap provides additional boost:

O2 Telefónica achieves record results in first half of 2022

O2 Telefónica closes the first half of 2022 with a record performance. Investments in improved network quality, innovative tariffs, excellent services, and greater sustainability are once again giving the company a significant performance boost for its customers.
26. Juli 2022

5G campus network for university research:

O2 Telefónica provides Technical University of Munich with digital springboard for more innovations

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is now conducting research on concrete applications via a 5G campus network set up by O2 Telefónica. For example, the scientists want to use 5G to improve the use of autonomous transport vehicles in intralogistics. Until now, such vehicles have been restricted in their range of applications due to limited data connections and response times.
14. Juli 2022

50 percent 5G coverage:

O2 Telefónica reaches 5G rollout target for 2022 more quickly

Telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica is making rapid progress in its 5G network rollout and has reached an important milestone early: since June, the telecommunications provider has been providing 50 percent of the population with its fast O2 5G network.
08. Juli 2022

Improved network for the Bavarian capital:

O2 Telefónica launches 5G in Munich's subway system

Munich-based telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica is launching its fast 5G network in the Munich subway. From now on, all O2 customers with the appropriate tariff and device can use the modern 5G mobile communications standard in the entire subway network of the Bavarian capital. Whether on the daily commute to work or on the way to events such as soccer matches and the Oktoberfest - thanks to 5G, O2 customers benefit from an improved network experience on all lines from U1 to U8. They have access to higher mobile data rates and more network capacity when they use music and video streaming or other digital applications while riding the subway.
13. Juni 2022

Southside, Deichbrand and Highfield Festivals:

O2 and CTS EVENTIM provide cutting-edge 5G network for 2022 summer festivals

Telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica and CTS EVENTIM, one of the leading international providers of ticketing services and live entertainment, are offering high-quality 5G network coverage for the 2022 festival summer.
09. Juni 2022

Leveraging fiber rollout for improved 5G network:

O2 Telefónica and BUGLAS agree on framework agreement for fast fiber-optic connections

The German Federal Association for Fiber Optic Connections (BUGLAS) and telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica have agreed on a framework contract for the accelerated expansion of the 5G infrastructure in Germany.
01. Juni 2022

Telefónica Deutschland:

Supervisory Board reaches agreement with Wolfgang Metze on early resignation from office

Chief Consumer Officer will not continue his mandate on the Management Board of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG as of June 2, 2022.
25. Mai 2022

Better network for events and emergencies:

O2 brings 60 mobile 5G towers into action

Be it for major events, construction measures or crises caused by severe weather: O2 Telefónica is now on the road throughout Germany with 60 new mobile radio stations. This enables the company to quickly and flexibly provide O2 customers with additional 4G/2G capacities as well as powerful 5G on 3.6 GHz exactly where more network is needed.
19. Mai 2022

Management Team:

Telefónica Deutschland extends contract of Chief Technology & Information Officer Mallik Rao

Mallik Rao (Yelamate Mallikarjuna Rao) has been confirmed as Chief Technology & Information Officer (CTIO) of O2 Telefónica for an additional three years. The Supervisory Board of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG has extended his contract, which was originally set to expire at the end of 2022, until Dec. 31st, 2025.
11. Mai 2022

Interim announcement on the first quarter of 2022:

Telefónica Deutschland starts strongly into fiscal year 2022

Telefónica Deutschland has confirmed its strong momentum from the record year 2021 and again grew dynamically in the opening quarter of 2022. The operating momentum accelerated further in the process. The number of contract lines in mobile communications increased by 287,000 and was thus above the prior-year figure of 220,000.
10. Mai 2022

Corporate Responsibility Report 2021:

O2 Telefónica significantly improves climate footprint and strengthens digital participation

O2 Telefónica reduced CO2 emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 97 percent in 2021 compared to the reference year 2015, emitting only 6,266 tons of CO2. By comparison, annual CO2 emissions per capita in Germany are around 11.6 tons. In the same period, electricity consumption per byte fell by 78 percent. The company is thus making great strides toward its target of being net-CO2-neutral by 2025 at the latest.
02. Mai 2022

20 years of O2:

Changing the world of telecommunications

On its 20th birthday, O2 looks back on an impressive success story. From the Homezone to the convergent tariff for all networks: Since its launch in May 2002, the brand has stood for freedom, self-determination, innovative strength and customer orientation. With this strategic orientation, O2 has shaped the telecommunications market time and again and will continue to be a fair and high-price pioneer in the market in the future. For all its customers and those who want to become customers, O2 is celebrating its birthday with attractive offers in all areas - mobile telephony, Internet@Home and hardware.
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