Custom services

Classical Wholesale | Voice termination, integrated communications services, and wholesale services: Telefónica Deutschland's Classical Wholesale segment offers partners complete solutions with a good fit for a range of requirements.
Carrier management is a key aspect of this field: it allows Telefónica Deutschland’s customers to make calls from one telecom provider to another. For this purpose, interconnection agreements are concluded with fixed line and mobile communications operators for voice, SMS, MMS and other services. With its International Roaming segment, Telefónica Deutschland also ensures that its customers can make calls, send text messages, and surf the web – anywhere in the world. The company currently has more than 540 agreements with providers from about 190 countries.

Sophisticated services for service providers and carriers

Carrier Services | Telefónica Deutschland is one of the largest network operators in Germany's voice termination business. The company has a range of TDM and IP technologies. Thus, we are the ideal partners for national and international network operators that wish to offer the full services of Telefónica Deutschland in the area of voice termination as a complement to their own services. Our product portfolio is modular, and provides the opportunity to use innovative, reliable telecommunications services. Our carrier services focus on voice services for internet service providers and carrier partners. Telefónica Deutschland handles all the tasks of a network provider on your behalf.
Carrier Interconnect Voice: voice termination for partners


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