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The world never stands still – and your career? Take the chance and become part of the O2 Telefónica Digital Transformation Program now and shape your career and our digital transformation.


...connect millions of people with our mobile brands and offer our customers mobile freedom in the digital world. Plus, as a leading telecommunications provider, we’re playing a vital part in shaping digitalization in Germany. Our fixed and mobile networks form the backbone for the digital transformation of business and society. And our around 7,400 employees in Germany help drive the transformation day in, day out – in our own company too.

The Digital Transformation Program

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In our 18-month program for Young Professionals, you’ll get an intensive insight into the world of O2 Telefónica and experience a systematic development program that takes you to the next level, both professionally and personally. This includes project missions in various corporate departments or our startup accelerator Wayra, individual learning journeys and a mentor at top management level. In addition, you will receive a permanent employment contract right at the beginning of the program. We believe that people can use their skills profitably in a variety of contexts and surpass themselves. For this reason, with us you don’t choose your specialist field but your skill cluster: Technology, Data or Commercial. All three fields of competence are strategically relevant enterprise-wide for our company – the best conditions for your start and your onward journey with O2 Telefónica. #reachBeyond

Program highlights

Mentoring program

You’ll be allocated to an experienced mentor from the Senior Leadership Team for regular sparring sessions for the duration of the program.

Personalized Learning Track and Career Planning

With our smart BEYOND technology, you can keep track of your development with us and continually expand your skills profile at your own pace – for example, through personalised training pathways or digital courses.

Ongoing Feedforward

Regular retrospectives and feedforward meetings help us to learn from each other and mutually improve. Which is why we promote regular exchange between colleagues, within the team, with your manager and other company departments.

Get2Know Technology

You’ll get an insight into our Technology division, so you can get to know and understand one of our core areas. Work with colleagues who make digital networking possible and strive to improve it day in, day out.

Customer Reflection Weeks

Retail & Customer Service | Find out for yourself what it’s like serving our customers directly ‘on the front line’ – in one of our shops and on the service line – and get a sense of how we make digitalisation tangible for them.

Wayra – Acceleration

Support our colleagues in our accelerator Wayra and experience the digital startup world up-close. Prepare pitches and help work on bringing the initial ideas to life.

Digital Transformation Program Community

Get together with other programme participants and build a ‘transformation community’ aimed at supporting the ongoing change through better networking with each other.

Home Mission

Work in your future home department and support your colleagues with the day-to-day challenges. Advance your ideas in practice and work hand in hand with other corporate departments.

Project Assignments

Alongside your day-to-day work, get to know the project world and its different forms of organisation. Help work on quickly transforming ideas and working out solutions and develop your skills in new areas in addition to daily business.


A professional 1:1 coaching with an experienced Coach by Change Factory gives you the opportunity to address individual topics around your personal development in order to optimally use your strengths and potentials at O2 Telefónica.

Choose your Skill Cluster


If you already have experience with different cloud-based technologies, understand the IT value chain end-to-end and have a good knowledge of microservice architecture, modelling concepts, machine learning and cluster analyses, then our Technology cluster is the right one for you. It’s not about technology as an end in itself – but about a digital, agile and results-oriented mindset. You’ll contribute your skills in various departments and projects – and help us make a powerful, modern network, new digital business models and future technologies available for our customers. That’s what we mean by BEYOND Technology! Together, we constantly develop ourselves, our strategies, programs and methods, with the aim of making a difference for society and our company. Be part of it! Apply now!


If you’ve already worked in product management, have experience in communications, appreciate data analytics and have customer experience skills, then our Commercial cluster is the one for you. We foster a digital, customer-focused and results-oriented mindset, which you’ll apply in various departments and projects – well beyond the original commercial topics, with a focus on our private and business customers as well as our partner companies. That’s what we mean by BEYOND Commercial! Together, we constantly develop ourselves, our products and strategies, with the aim of making a difference for our customers and our company. Be part of it! Apply now!


If you already have experience in data analytics or data science, find data- driven decisions better than pure gut feeling, and have a basic knowledge of Tableau and MS Power BI, then our Data cluster is the one for you. It’s not about number crunching as an end in itself – but much more about the results-oriented acquisition, analysis and interpretation of data. You’ll apply these skills in various departments and projects with us, supporting the sound strategic planning and implementation of business activities. That’s what we mean by BEYOND Data! Together, we constantly develop ourselves, our strategies and methods, with the aim of making a difference for our customers and our company. Be part of it! Apply now!


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Your profile

Very good Bachelor’s or Master’s degree One to 3 year‘s relevant work experience with a management consultancy, in a corporate environment or a startup At least 3 months’ relevant work experience abroad Project management skills Business-fluent German and English Digital- and data-driven mindset

Your application

Application documents: CV, certificates and references Program start: October 1st, 2023 No suitable date available? We will be happy to find a flexible solution together with you. Program duration: 18 months Location: Germany-wide. You will be assigned to an office near you, e.g. Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Berlin (Teltow). Skill cluster: Technology, Data or Commercial

What's next

What’s next once you’ve applied
Apply online. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. The next stages are an online assessment (you’ll have 8 days to complete it) and an extended video interview. If you pass this stage, you’ll have a final interview to test your professional skills. If we think you’re a good fit for us, we’ll send you an offer and you can start with us.
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Why O2 Telefónica?

We make digitalisation a real-world experience! Because we connect the most people in Germany through mobile technology and, as a system-critical infrastructure company, we’re playing a vital part in driving the digital transformation in this country. No two days are alike with us. Inspired by the opportunities that digitalization creates for all our lives, we develop smart solutions for our customers and together get the results out onto the streets. We combine the best of all worlds! Because nowhere else you can combine the benefits of a startup, a management consultancy and a corporate like we do: We have flat hierarchies, are happy to allocate responsibility and give you creative freedom. We value expertise and strategic thinking and we often work in ‘project mode’ with all its variety. And at the same time we have a unique, diverse team and offer all the benefits and securities of the corporate world! It’s not just mobile freedom we love! Our passion for freedom is not just reflected in our mobile products but also in the way we work. With us there’s no silo mentality – you’re free to contribute your skills in all kinds of ways, gain new perspectives across the departments and make a real impact. We also allow you a flexible work/life balance – the freedom to “work hard, live hard”. This is why we enable working Germany-wide and adjusting your working time according to your life.

You’re in the driving seat of your own career! Because predefined development paths are outdated, you can be proactive and keep on expanding your skills profile with digital courses, job rotation, mentors and our communities. Simply choose your direction, select the appropriate offerings for you, and map out your very own personalised career with O2 Telefónica. #BEYONDcareer Together we make a difference! Because we take our responsibility as part of society seriously and we want to make the opportunities of the digital transformation available to all, with us you can do your bit too. Social engagement is firmly anchored in our corporate culture and is supported by numerous activities by our staff. Whether at the International Volunteering Day, the O2 Telefónica Run fundraising run or the x-mas Campaign - together we make a difference for a good cause.

What else you need to know:

Apply online For the areas Programme start: October 1st 2023. No suitable date? We will be happy to find a flexible solution together with you. Programme duration: 18 months Location: Germany-wide. You will be assigned to an office near you, e.g. Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Berlin (Teltow). Application documents: CV, certificates and references If you have any questions on our application process or require further information about the role, please contact us. E-Mail:


What program participants say

Video-Statement Fadia Abedrubh (german)

Fadia Abedrubh is a DTP Alumni & started as an Expert Technology Innovation after the program - Learn about Fadia's personal highlights of the Digital Transformation Program.

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