RBM & SMS bulk messaging

Customer communication for companies

Our solutions enable companies to connect directly with their users without them having to install additional software or apps.
There is also no need to register or log in. Simple, reliable and secure. Mobile connects.

RCS Business Messaging

RCS Business Messaging (RBM) combines many advantages of existing channels like SMS, Email and App in only one central native messaging channel. This means: no app download, numerous multimedia features (images, videos, action buttons, links, maps integration and much more) and a customizable corporate presence. RCS Business Messaging - the new standard in customer communication (in German)

in German

RBM offers companies and end customers security by using local infrastructure in compliance with all legal requirements for data protection. Every service is tested and verified in advance for accuracy and functionality. This protects you and your end customers from misuse and creates a trustworthy communication channel. Direct. Efficient. Personalized. RBM is particularly suitable for all types of interactive mobile communication that require multimedia content, security and brand awareness, and should be usable out of the box for the end customer. First and foremost, the areas of online sales, mobile marketing and customer support. RCS Business Messaging is the solution based on RCS technology to provide businesses with a multimedia, secure and trusted channel for interacting with their end-customers. RCS is the mobile industry's new standard for mobile messaging services. Developed by the industry association of international mobile operators, the GSMA. RCS is not a chat app, but an infrastructure-based service that works natively through the messaging inbox of Android smartphones.

SMS bulk messaging

Bulk SMS

Our interface for bulk SMS enables partners to send large amounts of SMS to our end-customers. Thereby the partner has the possibility to set the sender freely and individually. The Bulk SMS interface is mainly used to send messages for end-customer authorization and/or business transactions, as well as advertising campaigns and info SMS.

Two-way communication

Short-/Long- Codes can be used to enable two-way communication, e.g., for making appointments (confirmation/rescheduling) or participating in competitions.
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