Mobile calls and surfing worldwide

To enable O2 Telefónica customers to make mobile calls and surf the Internet in around 200 countries, we work more than 500 mobile network operators (roaming partners) worldwide. As different as the countries are, we have the goal to offer our end-customer always highest quality at the best possible costs. To this end, O2 Telefónica enters so-called "roaming agreements" with selected network operators
in around 200 countries, which ensure technical connectivity and billing. These roaming agreements are two-sided: Customers of O2 Telefónica brands can make calls or surf the Internet in the foreign partner network. Conversely, customers of the respective roaming partner can also use the O2 Telefónica network when they are in Germany.

Global roaming - on land, on water and in the air

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The respective mobile network can usually be used for voice telephony as well as for data services and other mobile services. In addition to terrestrial roaming (= on land), non-terrestrial roaming is also an issue to enable mobile telephony at sea or in aircraft.

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