Telefónica Germany

Friendly User Trials start in Munich, Ebersberg, Halle and Teutschenthal in December
After the great success of this summer's Uni Band Battle, the event is now entering a new round
Telekom joins the mpass initiative of O2 and Vodafone
Telefónica O2 Germany and are now offering their customers a new benefits world
Kool Savas presented his new music video
The winners of the sixth "Ohrenblick mal!" mobile phone clip competition are being honoured in Munich today
Telefónica O2 Germany is launching an exciting e-game on 19 November
Total revenue rises to 1.24 billion Euros in third quarter | Mobile service revenue grows by 3.6 percent year-on-year
Telefónica O2 Germany catapulted itself ahead in the connect Netztest 2010 and "edged Deutsche Telekom out of second place", writes the journal
Federal Minister for Family Affairs assumes patronage of the Think Big Media College
Telefónica O2 Germany is now offering its business customers a complete communications solution based on Microsoft Exchange
Telefónica O2 Germany continues its ongoing and successful campaign against monster tariffs and from 27th October will begin combating the contract terms for mobile Internet use
Telefónica O2 Germany is now offering a simple solution for stolen or damaged iPhones
Pilot networks in Teutschenthal near Halle and Ebersberg near Munich | Friendly user trials for O2 customers from December | 2011 rollout: up to 1,500 LTE locations planned | Commercial offers starting in 2011
Telefónica O2 Germany today announced it will launch iPhone 4 in Germany on October 27th with a range of tariff plans tailored for iPhone customers
For Internet access from laptops, O2 is reducing the mobile Internet flat rate from 24 to six months and for mobile phone access from three months to only one month
The launch of netzclub, Germany's first mobile plan financed by advertising, by Telefónica O2 Germany and YOC has got off to a flying start
To mark its first anniversary, O2 Crew is sending ten lucky winners to attend the music industry's hottest event; the MTV Music Week in Madrid
Business customers who apply for the landline option O2 Genion on tariff O2 on Business by 30 November will receive the call forwarding feature for free during the term of the contract
Online discussion by Telefónica O2 Germany and UPJ about the future opportunities of the Facebook generation
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