Press Releases

More data volume that grows automatically, higher surfing speeds, 5G in all tariffs: New O2 mobile offering with more performance from April
23.01.23 | The O2 brand will launch a new mobile service under the name O2 Mobile on April 5, 2023. The telecommunications company O2 Telefónica is thus also implementing its announced strategy of packing more performance into rates at a fair price for its core brand. In addition to higher data volumes and higher surfing speeds in all gigabyte term plans, new customers benefit above all from the Grow Benefit: The monthly data volume of O2 Mobile customers grows by up to 10 gigabytes every year - automatically and at no extra charge.1
Rapid progress in network expansion: O2 Telefónica meets expansion requirements of the Federal Network Agency
11.01.23 | O2 Telefónica has submitted its expansion figures to the Federal Network Agency to meet the coverage requirements as of the cut-off date of December 31, 2022. The telecommunications provider has completed an impressive network expansion program over the past three years: since 2020, O2 Telefónica has processed around 20,000 mobile sites to further improve the O2 network and achieve the required coverage levels. The company considers the obligations to have been met - taking into account legal and factual circumstances. In the case of the 5G rollout, O2 Telefónica has even far exceeded the required condition.
Supervisory Board decision: Telefónica Deutschland extends further Management Board contracts
21.12.22 | The Supervisory Board of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG has approved the early extension of the contracts of Management Board members Valentina Daiber, Chief Officer Legal & Corporate Affairs, Nicole Gerhardt, Chief Human Resources Officer, Alfons Lösing, Chief Partner & Wholesale Officer, and Markus Rolle, Chief Financial Officer, which expire in July 2023. The new contracts run until 2026.
Faster 5G through frequency bundling: O2 Telefónica and Nokia use 5G carrier aggregation for upload for the first time
12.12.22 | O2 Telefónica and Nokia make the upload of files and videos on the 5G network even faster. For the first time, the telecommunications provider and its technology partner have bundled two 5G frequencies to increase the maximum data rate when sending data over the mobile network. This so-called carrier aggregation technology is already used extensively in the 4G/LTE network.