Press Releases

Southside, Deichbrand und Highfield Festivals: O2 and CTS EVENTIM provide cutting-edge 5G network for 2022 summer festivals
13.06.22 | Telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica and CTS EVENTIM, one of the leading international providers of ticketing services and live entertainment, are offering high-quality 5G network coverage for the 2022 festival summer.
Leveraging fiber rollout for improved 5G network: O2 Telefónica and BUGLAS agree on framework agreement for fast fiber-optic connections
09.06.22 | The German Federal Association for Fiber Optic Connections (BUGLAS) and telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica have agreed on a framework contract for the accelerated expansion of the 5G infrastructure in Germany.
Telefónica Deutschland: Supervisory Board reaches agreement with Wolfgang Metze on early resignation from office
01.06.22 | Chief Consumer Officer will not continue his mandate on the Management Board of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG as of June 2, 2022.
Better network for events and emergencies: O2 brings 60 mobile 5G towers into action
25.05.22 | Be it for major events, construction measures or crises caused by severe weather: O2 Telefónica is now on the road throughout Germany with 60 new mobile radio stations. This enables the company to quickly and flexibly provide O2 customers with additional 4G/2G capacities as well as powerful 5G on 3.6 GHz exactly where more network is needed.