Telefónica Germany

From 9th August customers who top up by at least €20 get a win code that leads to some attractive prizes
The O2 Freikarte is back. Telefónica O2 Germany has brought it back and with a new model.
After a media agency selection process, Telefónica has chosen Zenith of Grupo Publicis to manage its investment in advertising in O2ss five European markets
The next step into the future by combining telecommunications and entertainment electronics
Customer base (mobile and DSL) increased to 18.7 million in the first half of the year, of which 765,000 are new mobile customers | Fourth consecutive quarter with positive trend in mobile service revenue
Pilot operation of the next generation mobile networks from the end 2010 | Use of 2.6 GHz technology in Munich and Halle as well as 800 MHz in rural suburbs Ebersberg and Teutschenthal
Over four thousand O2 Crew members took part in the Telefónica O2 Germany charity competition for the 1GOAL initiative
First navigation device with Garmin technology that is also a fully-featured Android smartphone
Anyone who books the O2 on Business rate on the Internet will be given a satisfaction guarantee with right of return, effective immediately
Following network expansion and the investment of just under four billion Euros, Telefónica O2 Germany is making the new network the focal point of a separate campaign for the first time.
JAJAH-powered call services accelerate Telefónica's lead in digital communications
Make calls in over 60 countries at really affordable prices and no limitations: made possible by the clever new additional feature of the O2 o calling plan
Telefónica O2 Germany and the online weather service are launching the new Sonnenscheintarif just in time for the start of summer in Germany
Basis for mobile Internet services and mobile telephony | To be launched soon
Telefónica O2 Germany is supporting the 1GOAL initiative | The campaign, promoted by FIFA, aims at giving as many children as possible a school education by the year 2015
Together with the Media College, Kool Savas is looking for talented emerging directors - the website is now online
Key performance indicators for 2009 | Commitment to customers, employees and society | CR goals for 2010
From June 1, mobile Internet fans will be able to enjoy even more freedom when surfing and downloading from their mobiles
Huawei E5: mobile hotspot for up to five devices | Mobile Internet access with HSPA speeds
Three different calling plans with no basic fee or minimums | Free flatrate for mobile Internet, free minutes, and free text messaging
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