More transparency:Live Check brings real-time queries for the O2 mobile network

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  • Check the status of the nearest base station yourself
  • Available via web or app
  • More precise network coverage maps with new functions
MUNICH. Telefónica Deutschland is bringing more transparency to the Internet: with the new Live Check function, customers can now find out how well the O2 mobile network is functioning in their area via the Internet. All they have to do is enter their address at and they will see pretty much in real time how well the nearest base stations are working. What's more, O2 has made its network coverage maps even more detailed.

Live Check

The new Live Check function checks the six closest O2 base stations and then shows how well they are working. If the service really is impaired - because, for example, a network component has failed, new tree branches are blocking the signal or a mobile cell is overloaded - then Live Check provides information on the situation. The status is updated every thirty minutes.

The Live Check will be available soon via app for iPhones and Android since it will be integrated with the "Mein O2"-App. The service app for customers will "Smartphones become more and more important to our lives. In order to ensure they function in all situations and locations, the mobile network must run smoothly," says René Schuster, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland. "We offer our customers the best possible transparency. Thanks to the Live Check function, checking the current status is as easy as monitoring the delivery status of a package on the web page of a courier service." O2 is continually improving its new service. The next development stage will be based on crowd sourcing: the more customers query a specific location, the faster and the more precise the diagnosis can occur also include a speed test then, which measures the speed of the Internet connection. Customers will also be able to use the applications in future to register service limitations, and will receive feedback as soon as they have been rectified.

Satellite and streets:new network coverage maps

In addition to the Live Check, O2 has also improved its network coverage maps. Customers will be able to see for any location just how good the indoor and outdoor coverage is with 2G and 3G. Users can choose between street or satellite view, and map sections can be enlarged and moved easily. In addition to the locations of the mobile communication base stations, the new maps will also display the O2 shops. What's more, LTE coverage is to be integrated into the network maps during the course of the year. The new network maps will also be part of the "Mein O2"-App for iPhones and Android. Live Check and the new map material are now available at
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