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Payment via O2 phone bill now available in the Windows Store for Windows 10

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Telefónica in Germany now also offers payment through mobile phone billing for the Windows Store. This way, all O2 contract and prepaid customers can quickly and conveniently purchase digital content such as apps, games, and music in the new Windows Store – whether they are on their Windows 10 notebook, tablet, PC. This easy and convenient way of paying via phone bill is now available for O2 customers in all major app stores.
Windows 10 Store
Telefónica strives towards becoming the leading digital telecommunication provider in Germany. Thanks to a modern network and appealing products and services, customers benefit optimally from the opportunities of digitalization. This applies to private and business customers alike. In the course of this development, the company invests in particular in new digital technologies, such as mobile payment. A significant component of this method of paying is mobile phone billing. After all, buying apps, games or music has become just as common as making phone calls or sending text messages – and should be just as easy.

O2 mobile phone bill: Select just once as payment method

Windows 10 Store
No registration is necessary in order to make purchases through O2 mobile phone billing. All O2 customers need to do to take advantage of the new service is to visit the Windows Store, and to select Mobile Phone billing as their payment method, then enter their O2 phone number. This can be done while purchasing from the Windows Store from any Windows 10 device including notebooks, tablets or PCs. For extra convenience, customers of other Telefónica brands such FONIC or Tchibo mobil can also pay for purchases in the Windows Store through their mobile phone bill. Once this state-of-the-art and convenient payment method has been selected, all future purchases made through the Microsoft account will automatically be charged as part of the monthly bill or directly deducted from the prepaid credit. No personal information will be shared with any third parties, making mobile phone billing both simple and safe to set up and use.

App stores: O2 billing available for all major suppliers

In addition to the Windows Store, O2 customers can also pay for their purchases from other suppliers using their monthly mobile phone bill or their prepaid credit. This includes the following well-known shops: With this service, Telefónica offers from one source all smart products and services that are part of customers’ digital lifestyles: from hardware to matching mobile phone plans through to payment of digital goods.

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