Telefónica Deutschland returns to CeBIT

Credits: KIDKUTSMEDIA/Florian Schmitt
The digital transformation is a central theme of CeBIT 2017. For Telefónica Deutschland, as a driver of digitization and the largest mobile communications provider on the German market by number of customers, CeBIT is the perfect place to present the company’s visions and products under the motto “#DesigningDigitalLives.” This is why, for the first time in ten years, Telefónica Deutschland returns to the show with a large-scale stand. Alongside customized offerings for business customers as well as machine-to-machine products, the internet of things for end customers will be a focal point this year. In addition, visitors to the show can expect an informative program on the stand’s stage. “As an OnLife Telco, we want to provide our customers with the best digital experience and help them design their digital lives according to their wishes,” says Markus Haas CEO of Telefónica Deutschland. The company demonstrates this with a stand of 400 square meters at CeBIT. “The main topic of CeBIT meets our demands as one of the largest players of the German telecommunication trade of being a reliable and pioneering partner for German mid-tier businesses when it comes to connectivity and digitization,” explains Haas. In specific this means: Telefónica Deutschland helps other companies make use of digitization.

Telefónica Deutschland as initiator of new solutions

The showcases for machine-to-machine applications cover manifold fields from connected shoes to intelligent fleet management right up to smart gas and electricity meters. A smart connected safety helmet, for instance, helps make the industries safer, with sensors constantly measuring characteristics in the environment and transmitting them wirelessly. A smart water meter allows for extended use thanks to the low-maintenance Narrow Band IoT. And a smart retrofitted fridge for drinks is equipped with sensors and a Global SIM to increase the efficiency of the stand-up displays. “With our attractive product portfolio we address the core needs of our business customers, open up new opportunities for solutions and, as an initiator, motivate to make use of new intelligent solutions,” explains Dirk Grote, Director B2B at Telefónica Deutschland.

The internet of things delights end customers

In addition, visitors to the show can experience the offerings developed by the subsidiary Telefónica NEXT for the internet of things for end customers. “Up until now, the internet of things has in the first place conquered the industry, connecting devices and machines. With our platform Geeny we make it easy for companies to swiftly develop new and intelligent IoT applications for consumers that their customers will love,” explains Dr Nicolaus Gollwitzer, CEO of Telefónica NEXT. A prototype for health-oriented clothing – the Smart Shirt – measures bodily functions, with connected devices being operated via the sleeves. With Smart Care Telefónica NEXT demonstrates how the elderly can remain independent for longer. This is made possible through sensors and algorithms. In addition, “Dogsense,” a smart dog’s collar, is presented, which offers owners useful tips for feeding and caring for the pet. Wayra, the start-up accelerator by Telefónica Deutschland, demonstrates how creative and versatile the ideas of the digital world are. A number of founders will present their business models at the stand.

Stage show with information and entertainment

Alongside the product news, Telefónica Deutschland offers insight into the current network integration. In addition, visitors to the show will gain an impression of the user experience that the new mobile technologies 4.5G and 5G will offer in the future. An informative and entertaining programme on the stand’s own stage with internal and external speakers like cyborg Neil Harbisson top off the show experience for Telefónica guests at CeBIT. The design of the stand in hall 12 illustrates the symbiosis of real life and the digital world. The stand transports the flow of data to architecture, creating a transparent space that encourages a feeling of well-being and inviting visitors to find out more about the connected world.

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