Competence in smart data analytics expanded:

Telefónica NEXT consults with Synergic Partners on big data issues

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From now on, Telefónica NEXT, the Telefónica Deutschland subsidiary focused on data-driven growth areas, will cooperate with Synergic Partners. The consulting company, which specialises in big data strategies, announced this today at the Strata Data Conference yesterday in London. Through the cooperation Telefónica NEXT is comprehensively expanding its consulting services in the area of advanced data analytics. Telefónica NEXT develops new solutions for business and society based on anonymised mobile network data and its IoT platform Geeny. Synergic Partners supplements this with relevant consulting expertise for companies and converts this and other data into successful strategies. Synergic Partners is a 100% subsidiary of the Telefónica, S.A. Group and is integrated with LUCA, Telefónica’s specialist Big Data B2B unit.

Great potential of data analytics

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“Through the cooperation we are adding valuable and sought-after consulting on the identification, structuring and processing of data to Telefónica NEXT’s existing range of services,” said Florian Marquart, Managing Director of the Advanced Data Analytics unit at Telefónica NEXT. “With Synergic Partners we will be able to support our customers even further in gaining key insights from data. Our TÜV-certified anonymisation procedure is also of central importance here, as it anonymises data in accordance with German data protection requirements, thus making it possible to utilise the data.” According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the economic potential of using large quantities of data is far from being fully exploited, with companies currently realising around only 30% of the benefits. Telefónica NEXT is already working on big data solutions for traffic planning, reducing emissions in cities, and other areas:“We have identified a clear need for strategies and solutions for big data in many industries including, for example, retail and the consumer goods industry. We design utilisation concepts for the large amounts of data available within companies and interpret them – also within the context of our data – and translate them into solutions with added value,” says Jens Lappoehn, Managing Director of the Retail unit at Telefónica NEXT.

Group-wide cooperation creates synergies

The utilisation of data for business and society is a global aim of the Telefónica, S.A. Group and is realised in various countries using different products. In Germany, Telefónica NEXT develops offers specifically for the requirements of the local market. The cooperation now agreed with Synergic Partners will take Telefónica NEXT to a new level in smart data analytics.

Synergic Partners opens a location in Berlin

Photo: Synergic Partners
With the objective of getting closer to their clients, Synergic Partners has announced the opening of a new office in Berlin. “The Big Data market in Germany is still young. Many companies here have a great wealth of data available to them, but they are not conscious how it can bring value to their businesses. We have therefore decided to open our first German office in Berlin, the city that has become the talent and startups hub at an international level” stated Carme Artigas, CEO of Synergic Partners. “Together with Telefónica NEXT, we intend to offer integral consulting and develop strategies in this area,” concluded Artigas. Synergic Partners has been helping companies to develop suitable big data strategies for over ten years. The consulting company is currently represented by over 100 data consultants in 14 countries. The company also has a large network of experts as well as links to leading technology companies and academic institutions such as the Columbia University of New York.