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Telefónica Deutschland expands its mobile O2 Business portfolio

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Telefónica Deutschland expands its mobile business portfolio, offering even more data volume starting 18 September. With up to 30 GB of monthly high-speed data volume, this leaves virtually no limits to working efficiently on the move. Effective of the same day, Telefónica Deutschland expands its portfolio by the new O2 Business Basic tariffs for companies whose employees require only small amounts of data The focus of the flexible voice tariff is on calls. Business customers can customize their O2 Business Basic tariffs thanks to a wide range of options – from smartphones to extra data volume.
  • New O2 Free Business portfolio with large data packs of up to 30 GB
  • Focus on mobile voice calls – O2 Business Basic portfolio includes flexible entry-level plans

O2 Free Business – worry-free working on the go

With O2 Free Business S business customers of O2 receive 1 GB of high-speed data volume for only 25 Euros a month. O2 Free Business M includes 15 GB for only additional 5 Euros per month – mobile flexibility at full cost-control. As a result, the O2 Free Business M is ideally suited for managers that travel a lot and have a high data demand. As of now, O2 Free Business L offers business customers 25 GB for 40 Euros a month – this is the ideal amount of data for all business people who frequently download large amounts of data to the tablet or smartphone. O2 Free Business XL provides as much as 30 GB monthly high-speed data volume – for 50 Euros per month. It ensures maximum flexibility for all those business customers who frequently depend on large amounts of data and information on the go. Calls and text messages to all German mobile and fixed-line networks are included in all O2 Free Business tariffs. For just additional 10 Euros per month, matching smartphones and tablets can be added to all four tariffs. “The new O2 Free Business plans provide great value for money with even more high-speed data volume,” says Dirk Grote, Head of the Business Customer Division at Telefónica in Germany. “With key additional services, such as included minutes to countries in the European Union and matching multicards, the new tariffs are tailored precisely to the needs of companies whose employees frequently travel in Germany and maintain business contacts abroad in the EU.” Business customers nowadays are mobile and must be able to work on the go at all times. Sending and receiving emails, making video calls or editing files are integral components of business life. With O2 Free Business, customers can make limitless use of the mobile internet. Even if they use up the high-speed data volume booked in their tariff, business customers still remain online at up to 1 Mbit/s1). This ensures that all the essential digital services remain available on the go. With O2 Free Business Telefónica Deutschland again proves its role as pioneer for innovative solutions for the requirements of business customers.

For those who call – the new O2 Business Basic portfolio

For entrepreneurs whose staff require only a small amount of data, Telefónica Deutschland now offers its O2 Business Basic portfolio. O2 Business Basic is O2’s new entry-level portfolio with flexible speech tariffs for customers who make a lot of calls and individual options. The O2 Business Basic portfolio is ideally suited to companies whose employees make most of their calls within the company and need to be reached within as well as outside of the company and require a fair, affordable and simple mobile plan. “With the O2 Business Basic tariffs we now offer a solution for all those companies whose daily business still happens on the phone and where it is key that employees can be reached on the phone,” says Dirk Grote. The focus of O2 Business Basic S is on reachability via phone. The S tariff, which costs only 3.90 Euros a month, includes calls within the company2). The O2 Business Basic M tariff also includes calls within the company. In addition, customers receive 100 minutes included for external calls to the German mobile and fixed-line network as well as 200 MB of data volume (up to 21,6 Mbit/s) – for only 10 Euros a month. O2 Business Basic L provides business customers with a flat-rate for calls and text messages to all German networks as well as 200 MB of data volume (up to 21,6 Mbit/s) for 15 Euros per month. For all those customers who require some more data and who in the first place want to make calls and be reachable via phone, O2 Business Basic XL is ideal: For just additional 5 Euros per month the tariff also includes a flat-rate for calls and text messages to all German networks – but also provides 1 GB of data volume (up to 21,6 Mbit/s). In all O2 Business Basic tariffs, business customers can choose to add a matching smartphone or tablet for just additional 10 Euros. They can also add from 500 MB to 5 GB of high-speed data volume for 5 to 10 Euros per month. An additional multicard is available for all four tariffs for 5 Euros per month on top. O2 business customers who prefer to be on the safe side – even when they are on the go – can choose the security package O2 Business Protect for just 2.50 Euros a month. This option provides comprehensive security for any combination of five devices – whether PC, Mac, Android or iOS mobile.
1) After consumption of the high-speed data volume, unlimited surfing can be continued in the O2 2G/GSM and 3G/UMTS network at up to 1000 Kbit/s (average 994 Kbit/s) (HD video streaming and internet applications with similarly high or higher bandwidth requirements are not possible without restrictions). 2) Applies to calls within Germany between users of a contract running under the same customer number from mobile phone to mobile phone; except for special numbers, value-added services and call diversions at home and abroad.