One year of mobile freedom:One year of O2 Free

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Good ideas don't get older, only better: A year ago, Telefónica Deutschland unleashed mobile communications with O2 Free. The aim was to give customers untroubled access to the digital world at any time and at a fair price – even if the high-speed data volume of their tariffs has been used up. Therefore O2 Free users are “always on”, they can continue browsing, chatting and streaming at up to 1 Mbit/second1). At the same time, O2 Free has become even more attractive: With 10, 20 or even 25 gigabytes, O2 Free customers have for a few weeks now been receiving more high-speed data volume at fair prices than ever before.

Simple and transparent:Complete freedom of choice for applications

O2 Free places the user consistently at the center of attention: The tariffs do not distinguish between individual applications, but provide customers with freedom of choice. No matter what providers, services or application categories they prefer – customers can use them with all O2 Free tariffs at no additional tariff costs. Whether it is using messenger services on the go, sending emails, browsing the web or streaming music – with O2 this has been possible without limits for the past year. This means that no-one has to be on the go without WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube or other applications that have become a firm part of everyday digital life. “With O2 Free, Telefónica Deutschland has clearly positioned itself as a pioneer," says Wolfgang Metze, Board Member for Private Customers at Telefónica Deutschland. “One year after the launch, we are meeting this demand more than ever: Only we can offer people unlimited freedom in the digital world. Because O2 Free is simple, clear and fair. There are no additional costs or restrictions with regard to individual applications. We have delivered what we promised: The compromises in digital everyday life have come to an end.”

Extra-large data packs

Credits: Telefónica Deutschland
O2 Free also sets new standards with extra-large data packs at fair prices. Watching an entire season of your favorite series in HD on your smartphone, following all the games of the Champions League on the go with Sky Ticket or staying in touch with friends at high-speed via FaceTime: O2 Free makes this possible. Thanks to up to 25 gigabyte, O2 customers can at all times use all the possibilities of the digital world on the go. With this unique combination of unlimited online access and extra-large high-speed data packs, O2 Free is the perfect answer to the rapidly increasing mobile data consumption. In the second quarter of 2017 alone, O2 postpaid LTE customers consumed an average of 48 percent more data volume than just a year ago. A recent GfK study2) also shows that mobile usage is changing significantly. According to the survey, in April 2017, 62 percent of users streamed online videos via their mobile device. The time spent on YouTube using mobile devices (191 minutes) was particularly long, ahead of Netflix (160 minutes) and Amazon (159 minutes). In total the usage time per capita in the month of April was about 3:40 hours.
1) After consumption of the high-speed data volume, unlimited surfing can be continued in the O2 2G/GSM and 3G/UMTS network at up to 1000 KBit/s (average 994 KBit/s) (HD video streaming and web applications with similarly high or higher bandwidth requirements are not possible without restrictions). 2) GfK Crossmedia Visualizer „Online video consumption in Germany“ (29th June 2017)