User measurements in the COMPUTER BILD Netzest 2017 confirm:

Telefónica Deutschland despite the major project of network integration with convincing network quality

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Credits: Telefónica Deutschland
The measurements taken by users in the current network test of the consumer tech magazine COMPUTER BILD (issue 26 of December 9, 2017) confirm that Telefónica Deutschland’s network is stable despite ongoing network integration. "Our customers have tested the quality of our network - and our network has passed this test", says Markus Haas, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland. "Clearly we are not satisfied with the third place. But we are currently handling the network in almost every city and region to build Germany's largest and most modern network for our customers. In consideration of this highly intensive phase of the network integration, we consider the performance in the network test of COMPUTER BILD to be positive. The test shows what really matters: When network quality is measured where customers actually need it, our network delivers convincing performance despite the current intensive integration work." With an overall verdict of 2.6, Telefónica Deutschland further improved from the previous year. For this year's final test COMPUTER BILD evaluated the results of 52,895 participants. To this end, a total of over one million data connections, 669,420 call minutes and 15,886 call connections were analyzed. As customers take measurements via the COMPUTER BILD network test app, network performance is measured in the digital everyday life of customers. For Telefónica Deutschland, too, the focus is on real customer benefits - contrary to technologically optimized peak values, for which there are hardly any applications in everyday use anyway.

Best universal service and good LTE network in major cities

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According to the results of the COMPUTER BILD editorial team, Telefónica Deutschland's network has the best network coverage for telephony and SMS, stable and fast data connections and a good LTE network in major cities. As far as the best basic mobile telephony and SMS coverage is concerned, customer cell phones had corresponding network reception in 99 percent of the tested cases due to the good basic network coverage. The network received an overall verdict of 1.9 for reliability in mobile telephony and for the stability of data connections. Commenting on the future improvements in network quality, Markus Haas explains: "We are ideally placed to offer our customers a state-of-the-art, high-performance mobile network and the latest technologies. Our new joint network will further enhance our customers' web experience. For this, we are investing several billion euros in the network. The actual integration works will be completed by the end of 2018."

Network integration and optimization will further enhance the network experience

In some cases, however, the ongoing integration works were also reflected in individual test criteria. Telefónica Deutschland is currently pushing ahead with the full integration of O2 and E-Plus. The integration work is currently running at full speed nationwide and this can have an impact on the network's performance in some areas. That is why Telefónica Deutschland takes extensive quality assurance measures to ensure that the customers' network experience is maintained at a good level despite ongoing integration. In the course of network integration the company is also advancing with LTE expansion across the board, increasing capacity at numerous mobile communications sites and thus improving overall network quality for its own customers.

Telefónica Deutschland is focusing on mobile freedom and real customer benefits

As part of the evaluation, the trade journal highlights that Telefónica Deutschland is the only German provider to offer its customers and partners its own LTE network. Post- and prepaid customers of Telefónica Deutschland have access to the modern LTE (4G) standard - in keeping with the promise of mobile freedom. In general, Telefónica Deutschland's LTE network enables speed of up to 225 Mbps at some locations.