“Good” rating thanks to significantly improved network quality:

“Quantum leap” for O2 in major CHIP network test

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A clear “good” rating for the O2 network, leaping up almost an entire point in comparison to the previous year (from 3.1 to 2.2): The results of the current, Germany-wide CHIP network test clearly show that Telefónica Deutschland has made huge improvements to network quality for its customers thanks to its extensive network measures. The specialist magazine CHIP even referred to it as a “quantum leap”. The O2 network was also rated as good to very good in the sub-categories Internet, voice and LTE network as well as in multiple major cities. At the same time, Telefónica Deutschland announced more improvements to network quality in the year to come.

Credits: Telefónica Deutschland
Cayetano Carbajo Martín
“We will build on this success over the next year in the interests of our customers. What’s more, we’re ramping up a gear and stepping up our network expansion measures,” said Cayetano Carbajo Martín, Management Board member and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Telefónica Deutschland. “Our new, modern O2 network has taken clear shape this year. Our network engineers and partners have done a great deal to make this possible. Not only have they managed this unique network integration, they have also massively promoted LTE expansion. We have a clear time line for 2019 to continue boosting the quality of our network across Germany. As we set about becoming the mobile customer & digital champion, our goal is to offer our customers a constantly improving network experience that is good value for money.”

The O2 network is already demonstrating its strengths in densely populated regions

Credits: Gettyimages
The network test particularly highlighted the progress made in the network integration of O2 and E-Plus, Telefónica Deutschland’s central focus this year. The network integration measures have already visibly improved network quality in many cities and regions, as proven by the positive network test results in Munich (“very good”), Hamburg (“very good”), Berlin (“good”), Cologne (“good”) and Frankfurt (“good”). Alongside the major network integration project, Telefónica Deutschland has also successfully pushed ahead with various network expansion measures and has built more new LTE stations than any other network provider in Germany this year. In the first nine months of 2018 alone, the company constructed around 5,000 additional LTE stations. The successful LTE expansion is reflected in the CHIP network test with the “good” rating (1.70) in the LTE network category. In particular, the specialist magazine emphasised the good network quality in densely populated regions and in city hotspots. Telefónica Deutschland has also further upgraded the LTE network in cities this year by making optimum use of available LTE frequency bands, thereby boosting the network experience for its customers. In addition, average data speeds (35 mbit/s) were achieved in city drive test measurements, meaning that O2 customers can use all digital applications with no restrictions. Telefónica Deutschland therefore offers the right network at a very good price for the actual needs of its customers. On the whole, the company made important progress this year on the way to becoming the largest and most modern mobile network in Germany.

Outlook:network optimization and nationwide LTE expansion in 2019

Given that Telefónica Deutschland no longer has to allocate a large part of its available capacity to the major network integration project next year, the company can turn its full attention to nationwide LTE network expansion in 2019. Next year, Telefónica Deutschland will continue to increase the scale of the LTE network and expand it along motorways and train routes. With these steps, the company is also addressing the areas for improvement suggested in the CHIP network test.